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The second puzzle is here. Due to your amazing support and hype about the first Puzzle, I can present to you number 2 'RHINO'

 Only 50 of these will exist in this version ever.

-highly collectable
-500 pieces
-first edition
-numbered and signed
-plastic free
-top notch quality (I have never seen something better)
-produced in Germany by Friedman print

-oversea-shipping will get a handmade original sketch that would sell for 50 bucks to compensate for the shipping costs. Thats about all I can do about that. High shipping costs suck, but I can at leasz make sure you get your money more than worth. 

You see here my first Graffiti-puzzle. 
The reason I started a puzzle collection is, because I wanted to make my Artwork available to everyone. It is three times cheaper than a fineart print and you can do more with it than just hang it. 

It's a wonderful hobby, that you can do alone or with friends and family. It's a great way to improve concentraition and it helps us to get away from a screen for once. 

So together we hopefully achieve something that will make you happy, everytime you look at it. 

And these Puzzles will always be rare and very limited. I don't want to sell them at any costs, I want to give collecters and fans of my work the chance to get something truly special and something worth your money. 

Customers Satisfaction will always be number one priority for me.

So now get a Puzzle before they are gone forever!


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