v5 exploration

Here are some more random images and try outs. πŸ‘€ There can be artifacts, especially in the complex scenes, but I actually enjoy the weirdness alot. 

On the complex scenes I mixed my one piece related prompts with my meadows prompts and got these amazing ones. It feels like theres alot to discover, but if you look closely, theres really nothing specific. 
It's like life. Most of what we think matters, does not matter at the end. And a happy life is ultimately a mindset and it's up to you what you see in this chaos and what you make of it. . 😁 

Started trying out v5 a bit more and start to like it. πŸ˜…

Some are mildly disturbingπŸ˜†

The tactical fruit soldiers also work in v5. Different but dope too. 🍍🍊πŸ₯­

btw. tell me how perfect that glass of buds is..🀩 It was nothing what I have prompted for and the others were completely different.

Happy accident for sure... 

Hope you enjoy some of these. ✌️



Finished organizing my  "random" channel, where I explored some ideas.  So here are some random images. 😁 there can be some artifacts.



today I organized my "random-random" channel. πŸ˜… So here are some more honorable mentions and random themes. These are brainstorms, so they could have some artifacts.  

Overall getting my gallery together slowly but surely. Check out https://www.rhinosaurarts.com/a.i-art/ if you like.  

Enjoy your day. πŸ‘‹πŸ™‚