About me


I do one digital board everyday. Sometimes I spent 10 minutes, other days it takes 4hrs. I do this for self disciplin, consistency, practice and fun. I will continue as long as I feel like I am improving and the challenge gives me something. If I miss a day out of lazyness I start at 1 again, but if I decide I don't want to do it any more and focus on more thought out-designs, then I call this challenge complete. 

But I am not at that point yet where I want to invest 2 weeks into a design. Practicing daily with graffiti I already made and reusing elements and letting my art appear in a different light is way more efficient than spending 40 hours on a graffiti and only make one board from it. 

Also you guys seem to enjoy, that you can discover known elements presented in a new way. My birds for example all have names and if I recolour a graffiti you liked, but it was not your favourite colour, then I can practice and improve my board design skills and try new things efficiently and you hopefully enjoy the new coloured graffiti even more. 

I see my graffiti and different elements as old friends, returning here and there and just saying high. 

See how I improved from day one and hopefully you join me on that journey. Let's see how far we come. 


I do graffiti since 15 years and the last 5 years I am very active and very passionate about what I do. 3 years ago I started my digital journey.I always stay true to what I like and I make sure I enjoy every minute of it. After that I try to give you, the viewer, the best experience possible. 

So you can expect alot of digital graffiti and lettering/tagging. I also do real life paper sketches and alphabets. Also digitalizing them to explore whats possible. 

Cause yeah I believe if I make my art the best it can be and do what I like, I will find people who are likeminded. It might take longer to build a large community, but therefore I gather exactly the right people instead of bending myself and chasing a trend to get quick and cheap success on social media. 

I want people to follow me and my art because its made by me and not because I put the simpsons  or starwars in every post or because I asked them to follow. 

I practice daily and it really brought me forward. You guys also seem to really enjoy the ride. 

Join the Herd and become a Rhinosaur! 

Photo Manipulation, DRAWING & Morphing

Presenting my art is almost more fun than doing it. So I take my Artwork and put a frame around it and present it in a way that I think you guys would enjoy the most. I never studied graphic design and I rarely look something up. I love to experiment and try out alot of things. I like to morph my graffit into spiderman , the batsymbol ormake a rhinosaur out of it. I cut out free bird stock images (mostly from and put them besides a human and make them look large. I take closeup photos with my mobile phone outside and edit them on the PC to give my Art a surrealistic look. Mostly I am pairing them with birds, my graffiti and my skateboard designs.

I use GIMP and KRITA for PC. Two free to use programs that basicalley work like photoshop. GIMP does not have pressure recognition, so thats the only reason I use KRITA. 

I am always for constructive criticism and honest feedback. I do value each opinion  immeasurably high as long as its respectful and honest. It only helps me improve and thats what I want. 

So spread love and positivity and I hope you enjoy your time with the herd.