new letters

Here are some new letters.✍️ One double page from last tuesday and a new alphabet started on sunday. Its only the first iteration and needs alot of work. But thats how I usually start. Just do it and take the good parts and expand on them. So the more time I give it, the better it gets. Like a wine. 🍷

On the first double page I just did some letter practice and outlined the ones I like. It's very medative to just draw out of your mind. Don't care about the result too much anf fully enjoy every moment. 


My style practice #7 .

New letters

Here I have my sketches from Sunday. The "alex", "Karma", and "session" I liked. 
Overall just practice to improve my lettering and no polish really. No point in colouring for hours if I hate my letters next week anyways. 🙃

new  letters

I had a lot of fun today. The weather was beautiful and I was very inspired. I even drawed abit.  Overall these are just for practice so they are missing polish, but I thought some would still enjoy. 

The outlined ones I am happy with.  I also attach a rough alphabet I did on sunday.