I have my own onlineshop and also like using etsy. I don't push sales, I want to offer premium products, created with love and passion to anyone who is interested.  Most of them I did to collect and hold them in hands for myself. I hope you enjoy good quality for a fair price. 

                                                           Some of my products

AI artbook "Honorable Mentions vol.02"

Puzzles. Handmade Premium Quality and unique.

2024 AI Art Calendar - The first

2024 is coming😁 Finally tried out my first calendar. Will update you when it arrives, but I expect great quality.

Giant trees digital downloads


Honorable mention 200 page pocket edition. Slight misprint, therefore reduced price. Still very much worth it.

High quality AI artbooks. Many many more to come.

Honorable mentions Vol 01. 30 pages. 

Puzzles. Premium Quality and unique

The green "RHINO" is still available. The first one is sold out. Soon there will also be print on demand puzzles. 

Fine art prints in collector card format

Wall Art. Next level forex foam prints

Creative Corruption. Beautiful Woman  as digital downloads

Landscapes & environments