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day 634

day 634. I made a pretty weird "lucky" sketch. Just something quick to prepare for an comission I am very excited to do! 

At the end I noticed how shit the colours look together. πŸ˜‚

day 633


day 633. My "eins morph" in a new coat. Love this green and red combo. 😊

day 632

 day 632. something green with a tag. πŸ™ƒ 

day 631

day 631. I go to bed now. πŸ™‚ Sleep well!

new concepts

I got a couple new concepts that I want to share with you. πŸ™ƒ

The first one is a blend, but overall I dont really like the feature. It has potential, but I get far better results and have more control, if I use weighted prompts.

How do you like the blend option and what is the one thing that really annoys you about midjourney?

For me definetely that sometimes the upscale button does not turn blue even tho the job is queueued. That makes me loose track πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

day 630

day 630. I did some quick throwups only focus on flow. . I like my new tag alot, so I gave it a board. 

your new dream case. xD

Here is the new phone case. πŸ€—πŸ’š

fantastical lands and improved abstracts 

I found out that the perfect setup for my coasts are one fullscreen abstract design, one structure like abstract source and and somewhat realistic white and clean architectural background. 

I improved my abstracts once again and I kinda want to keep their prompt a secret from now on. I will still tell anyone who asks me tho, but abstracts really feel like mine. It's somewhat exactly what I wanted and finding the right prompt was tough, so chances are not many people do them like this. Even if, I love them so much I go for it no matter what! 

but it's still the tip of the iceberg peeps. πŸ˜†

So basicalley I make an abstract design (mostly from my own art), Then I turn that into a "labstract design", this process I then repeat with the sources I got. Then I either venomize it or not, but at the end its more of a guessing game and mix and match alot. 

I also attach an honorable mention. Love how the giant tree turned out. It has even small huts on the ground. πŸ€—

day 629

day 629. dream. πŸ€—πŸ’š I made a phone case deifn and thought they would make some great boards too. :) The dream font is from today and look at this nice AIsland πŸ˜‚

I got my coasts!

 Coast breeze and ghost trees. β›±πŸ’šπŸ‘» Say that 3 times in a row. πŸ˜†

Today I finally got my perfect prompt setup for the coast pictures. Now I can just combine it with my graffiti art and have unique result everytime. πŸ₯³πŸ€© So excited! 

Getting to the prompt was a matter of like 3 days trying around, but from now on everything will be a breeze. 😊 I ended up with like 200 awesome coast picturs along the way, that I also have some plans for. 

Oh and some might not like hearing that, but changing your source pictures by hand will have a massive impact on the outcome. Check my examples on that. πŸ™ƒI use gimp for that. I did countless tries and far from being done testing, but I learned plain backgrounds are never good, because it washes out the information that the AI has and it thinks you want it that way.  So just put any  picture in the background you have tons of anyways in the discord. 

So yeah that shows once more that there are no shortcuts to life. 

Putting in the effort and being passionate about what you do, will always have a greater result. 🀯 It's true AI can make nice pictures with only 3 clicks, but imagine what happens when you invest a 1000... πŸ˜‰

So be creative and do what you love. I hope you enjoy the presentation.

Now show me some nice artwork please that you are extremely passionate about! 🧐 πŸ€—πŸ’š


day 628

YES! I managed to overcome my unhealthy perfectionism and continued on my "be happy piece" So I just did it an not spent hours to make every line perfect. And the result has the same effect. 

PLUS I got a nice timelapse for you. πŸ’ͺ✍️

And it's proven, that you are 4 times more happy after you engaged in something you really love, instead of chilling on netflix. (aka generating ai images with one click) 

So you turn on your tv and get a certain level of satisfaction. Thats enough for us most of the time and that can be dangerous. Engaging in something you are truly pasisionate about , even if it requires getting your ass up, will almost always be worth it and I do feel 4 times happier now... 

Anyways back to organizing my AI. πŸ˜† I just hate having that unfinished feeling, and since the potential is huge, if I do it right, it's a pain in the ass, but I am cathing up. 😁

Oh an I sold another board on boardpusher directly. So just uploaded it once and then left it alone. I do wish they would contact me tho, but I am not complaining. πŸ˜…

Hope you enjoy the art! 

coming soon to a wall near you

 some sneakers and a bird. πŸ€—πŸ¦πŸ’š 

day 627

I present to you the FUELNATICS. AI car designs made by me. Stunning 8K and each will be available for only 1,91. 🀯

use it for anything you like, posters for friends or kids or wallpapers.

And if I should add a dope graffiti to it, let me know.

For now only on etsy, because thats the only place where I can iclude a free extra. My website dont have digital downloadand shopify you can only upload one file..

But etsy is great and it let's me reach new people outside social media, so have a look, every view helps to get more traction of people that really want these.

Excited, because I hope it will make a lot of people happy, because I find this price more than fair.

fuelnatics - unique AI walllpaper

I present to you the FUELNATICS. AI car designs made by me. Stunning 8K and each will be available for only 1,91. 🀯

use it for anything you like, posters for friends or kids or wallpapers.

And if I should add a dope graffiti to it, let me know.

For now only on etsy, because thats the only place where I can iclude a free extra. My website dont have digital downloadand shopify you can only upload one file..

But etsy is great and it let's me reach new people outside social media, so have a look, every view helps to get more traction of people that really want these.

Excited, because I hope it will make a lot of people happy, because I find this price more than fair.

day 626

 day 626. An AI coastline, with a "living" I made today. 

Working on getting a nice formula ready to mix awesome coastlines with my art. 

New progress

Hello.πŸ™ƒ I improved my abstract designs once again and wanted to share them with you.🀩 This time I show it also without my art, so you can see better what you will get. 


I also attach a video where I make a wallpaper for myself out of one of those insane discoverys. And 2 minutes workflow, some where interested in that.  Also I attach a passion project I plan for a while now and it became even better with AI. Hope you enjoy. πŸ€—πŸ’š

Alot has happened the last days. I made huge progress. Slowly getting a system ready that works really really well for me personally.  

Presenting this really helps me to organize better and get the ideas out of my head. And you guys really seem to enjoy these, so heres what I learned today. 

It's literally too much to comprehend, so I just presented the acchievements I made today, right after getting up.  Then I realised how big this starts to unfold, the possibilities, we can't even think of yet and I realised, I am busy for a lifetime. πŸ˜… 

Like the last days I made so much fundamental progress in understanding MJ, that I can't possibly talk about all. 

I tried, trust me πŸ˜…

If I should really do my best to describe it in one sentence: The description matters. Source material nice and fine, but you gotta describe what you want.  If you want half tree, half eagle, then use the eagle as a source and describe the tree. Theres alot of factor to it. If you take a full eagle, the tree will not really look like a tree, and abstract design with like half an eagle face and the basic shape of a tree will have MASSIVE consequences.  

So if you want a circle, and your source is a square, it will not blend as well as if your source has  the shape of a hexagon.  

Theres a very very fine line you have to draw and this is where you as a human come into play. The artist decides whats art and the more effort you put in the greater are the results.

AI - It's true that it only takes three clicks for a beautiful picture... but imagine what happens if you spent 1000 clicks. πŸ˜‰


edit: I did this yesterday, and today I spent like 10 hours on the perfect coastline prompt. I just got it minutes ago! Stay tuned for that. 


day 625 

day 625. I feel like my feeling for colours has improved a ton since I am using ai. 

Love this combination. 

even better now 

My most anticipated passion project. Since I was a kid, I love collecting yu-gi-oh cards. 

So you can have a binder full with hundreds of artworks, instead of just one hanging on the wall. Mainly I do this for myself, but of course I would love if people start collecting these and maybe trade them. And now since AI is a thing, it's gonna be a whole different level. 

AND I have two twists to this whole thing. 

1. Owning these cards will grant you access to special dicounts or giveaways for special unique arts. Like wallart that I will only print once ever. So owning these will have alot of benefits and it will be a mindblowing customers experience and a ton of fun for me. 

2. and with normal trading cards, you have way too much common cards and they are worth nothing and you cant do anything with them. So when I want to have rarities and random packs, for the thrill of collecting, I have to have common cards. 

So my common cards will be positive messages or funny little artworks, so you can leave them in the bus or in a restaurantand make someones day slightly better when finding it. So we can make the world a slightly better place. 

It will be a lot of fun.

A while ago I started to take on the project of bringinf my art on to cards. I already did alot of testing over the last year and have found my perfect setup. The cards will have a cellophane coat with "soft touch technology" They do feel INCREDIBLE when holding them and they feel 1000 times better than the normal trading cards. Its about 5 times more expensive per card, but technicalley I order business cards and its a huge company so the prices are still very low per card. 

But I gotta be a bit more patient. First I want to get my website done and my puzzles ready.

Hope you enjoy the art and if you have more ideas what to put on cards, besides animals and trees, let me know. 

paper city

 Hello. TodayI want to share with you a set of prompts that I found that let you create super unique paper-towns with an extreme variety. 

I will mix and match with my handmade graffiti art, to create something that really gets me excited. 😊 I did these because I am currently trying to figure out how I can get a unique background throughout all my pieces. And since cities or mountains are so boring, I thought, because I sketch on paper, skyscrapers made of paper would be cool. 

And I also attach a sneak peak of what I currently work on. Maybe it will inspire some. πŸ€—πŸ’š

and do you maybe want to have some of my abstract designs for free? So you can get creative yourself if you like what you see. I could make a small package ready and it will be for download on my website. Just let me know. I have more than enough of these. 

day 624

 day 624. My "mind" piece from a while ago in green! πŸ€—πŸ’š 



day 623

day 623. "Almost forgot day 623" rushed and ugly handstyle.

Luckily I have my 24 hour window, so I can still finish it till midnight and still continue tomorrow on day 624

For a rushed one it actually turned out pretty dope. 

first finished project

 πŸ˜† I thought about what to write and then laughing out loud when it came to me. I would probably give him the same look. πŸ˜‚

It's my first finished project and I added a quick handstyle.

better abstracts

 Hello. I try to keep it short today.πŸ˜…

Basicalley I stepped up my abstract game. Adding some more worksteps to eventually mix it with my handmade graffiti. I Found out that I like a bit aquarelle within the mix, so the last 2 days I deepened my knowledge and I am so glad and excited I did. Now I have a proper source ready to really bring my ideas to life. 

So I create these first, mix them with my graffiti and then apply it to a set of prompts that I prepared before. Like samurai on fields, or grim dark eagle, gian tree. Each of these can then be mixed indefinetely with the abstracts. 

So it will give me an uncountable amount of variety to really see whats possible. 

Loving every second. Sometimes I catch myself just staring and dreaming. πŸ˜‡ Not gonna lie the presentation took 4 hours and I am kinda done. πŸ˜…

So I put together this presentation, so some can maybe profit from what I have learned.

It's very tough for me personally to share these "secrets" I found, because I feel like thats what makes me unique and seperates me from the others. Stupid human selfishness I guess. πŸ˜† But hey I managed to overcome it today. So it's a win already. πŸ™ƒ

So if it's in your power, please don't just copy the prompts and call it a day. Try to see how you can incoorporate these tipps into your own artwork to make YOUR generations truly unique. 

Much love and I hope you enjoy. πŸ’šπŸ€—

edit: kept it short enough I guess. πŸ˜‚ 

day 622


Handmade board design from today.πŸ›ΉπŸ›Ή Tried a bunch of colours. 

Also I tried out a very good source for my AI abstract designs. It works way better than any design before. Excited! 

What name to choose?

Hey what sounds better for an AI.Bonsai image line:

1. The unrooted


1. unroots/unrootz


Maybe you have an even better idea.

And I thought unrooted, because they are not real and have no roots. πŸ˜…

And these are from β€” 12/27/2022 1:25 AM. So You know where I am at with cathing up. Still I think I am busy for another 4-5 days, before I can fully focus on moving forward.

things start to change over at

edit: what does an unrooted say to you? LEAF ME ALONE! 🀣🀣

day 621

day 621. I have everything BUT skateboards on my mind today. πŸ˜… 

Also free screensaver in the download section. πŸ€—πŸ’š

New AI concept

Long story short: I had fun and learned alot! I found a perfect prompt setup that I can now use to mix it with my own art. Hope you like the presentaion and the honorable mentions. πŸ€—πŸ’š

omg I don't even know where to start. πŸ˜…

So first, Yesterday and today was wild. I failed at catching up with old concepts and got carried away by new ideas. πŸ˜†

While waiting on the upscales I found this samurai picture I really liked. Even tho I had some adjustments to make. It was full with a bunch of artist names, so when I took them out, it took some tries to compensate for the missing reference. After that I spent the whole evening to really get in depth and try out to also fundamentally get a better understanding of the program. 

It worked! 😁 I learned so much and now I have the perfect base to mix this type of style with my own artwork. 

Most of my generations have my handmade graffiti art as a source and I either use it directly or create abstract designs from it to then use it as a sourcefor new creations. 

And on that front I also made MAJOR MAJOR progress. 

I found out that I really like mixing in some aquarell look into the designs. So I added another layer to the creations.

So after a basic random abstract design is done, I "venomize" it before I use it as a source. The result speak for itself. 

Also the first time I tried out the weights behind a prompt and I found a beautiful setup that produces, for me, the best abstract designs yet. 

I am so happy about that, because that willl add another layer of "me" into the picture. 

I post pictures of the creation of my "open meadows samurai rice farmer scenery" aswel as a showcase of my new aquarell abstracts getting venomized. 

PLUS I prepared a sneak peak of how I want to ultimately combine these two elements.

Oh man I am super excited about all that....

Oh and before I forget, After I was happy with the meadows scene, I took what I learned and tried to apply it to a complete new project without any influence. A samurai alley scene. The very first try was very convincing and the very last try I added some prompts to make the scene more horror like. I spelled them horribly wrong but the result was insane.πŸ˜†πŸ˜† It didnt had the exact effect BUT 

the picture 2 looks WAY WAY better than the number 1. number 1 looks good, but kinda just AI standard I dont know how to describe it. Number 2 on the other side have this really insane almost realism to it. 

Or do they look the same and my brain is just slowly melting? πŸ˜…

secret prompt of the day: "rice farmer" will give a samurai almost always one of these typical hats. Oh and also theres a big difference between a "meadows with samurai" compared to "samurai on meadows" The figure will be way smaller and less in frame if you make a meadows picture with a samurai in it. Makes for a more panoramic view. 

sorry if it's too much to read and not the best english, but I hope you enjoy still. I spent alot of time on the presentation, so I hope it can inspire to create awesomeness. 

I cant wait to mess with sources next, now that I have my perfect setup for this one idea I had. πŸ€—πŸ’š

day 620

day 620. Can't stop- won't stop. πŸ˜…

I swore myself to focus mostly on catching up today instead of getting carried away. It kinda worked so far. πŸ˜†

This guy is from a couple weeks ago. I upscaled him to 8k and made my daily boards from it. I combined it with my "your best is always good enough" Handstyle and gave it some drips and here and there's. 

These line of boards I call RANGERS. Cause some of them remind me of power rangers, you will see. 🫡 πŸ™ƒ

Hope you enjoy. πŸ€—πŸ’š

day 619

day 619. All we will ever have is "this moment". 

The moment before is unchangeable and the moment after uncertain. Sure planning for the future is important, but planning also can only happen in the here and now. πŸ™ƒ 

The most important thing is, that you are aware of that FACT. What you do with it is up to you, I just want everyone to be happy.

NEW product thumbnail

YES! Made a baller etsy thumbnail. Fully modular and I can just drag and drop in the future.

And the "+free extra" really pops, because its the only thing that has a gradient. 

I would click it, but even if no one else ever does, it was already worth it. 

Any feedback on readability or something I can improve on?

Now a break and then the daily board. 

The neverwears

 Here is another concept showcase. Working hard on getting all the pictures ready. thousands saved but only two upscaled so far.

I want to deliver the best of the best and the normal resolution is just so bad, that I use another paid program to upscale them. 

Mind blowing 8k. I even think about going down to 4k because thats more than enough really. 

But yeah let me introduce you to " The neverwears" Shoe designs generated with AI and my graffiti as a source. It's just so much fun to try out things. 

I call them "the neverwears", because you will never wear them. duuh πŸ˜† Also I said neverwears 2 times already. My teacher told be back in the days, hoomans remember better if they hear/read something 3 times in quick succession. 

How do you like the NEveRWWearS? I think the neVeRWeArS look super cool and enable daydream mode. 😊

cOol NeVErWeaRs... πŸ€ͺπŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«πŸ˜†


I just got a call

 πŸ˜³ I just had a call from my puzzle supplier, where I got my handmade puzzles made. 

A couple months ago we had a chat per mail, where I misunderstood some things when asking if they offer their puzzles as one-off print on demand. So I thought I always have to preproduce. 

So appearently that their daily business and they do offer exactly that. 

NOW THE BEST. When I was looking for alternatives, the cheapest I found out of only 3 puzzle suppliers was printful with 22€ a piece.

Now he tells me that they will produce a puzzle for 9€. 

OMG 🀩πŸ₯³ Free shipping worldwide, best prices and HANDS DOWN the best puzzle quality on the planet. Like their stuff is unmatched.

I will take over the puzzle market, with the AI designs I have in store.... πŸ˜‡

They guys from FRIEDMANN PRINT got sent from heaven.πŸ™

I am very happy right now, because these puzzles will make alot of people happy. 

But now I need 1500€, because thats the initial cost for them to initialize my personal print on demand line. Something with shopify connection and templates.. Someone want to invest in me? πŸ˜… I feel like my fridge will be empty for a long time. πŸ˜† 

New and improved

day 618. Today I worked on my "timeless machine" comission. Will be a sticker for the lid of the fuel tank of a porsche 911. 

So I took what I had and made a nice board design from it. Also generated a abstract porsche image for the background. 

New and improved

New and improved mockup for my wallart. Everything made by me. I chose a brick background to indicate the piece hanging on the wall. I even made a custom nameplate,as if its hanging in a museum... I managed to erase the corners in a not shit-looking way, so none of the art touches the edges, that means I could easily use it for shirts or else.

Museum art on shirts.  πŸ˜‚

Let me know what you think. What could I have done better?

I was on my ways to bed, when I felt the urge to work abit on my shop. I updated some texts aswell as creating all the categories I need in the future.

check it out. :)

YES, a gem!

I found a gem! My mouth was open for like 5 seconds at least. πŸ˜†

saving and organizing everything I have done so far with AI for two days...πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« but super happy along the way. While doing it , occaisonally I try out new ideas I have. 

I was about to save all my robotic abstract sharks you have seen before, and then I combined them with some other stuff I made.

Long story short, these are photobook worthy and something where I would say YES THIS! The other sharks where cool and all, but these are next level. the word "underwater, under water" made a really awesome suddle background compared to plain white as before and the creatures glow alot more with smaller elements and details. Maybe thats because of words like "particles" or "spraypaint" 

And in these I have combined like 8 or 9 different source pictures (generated by me). The most I had so far.

Also I learned so much and could deepen my understanding of what works for me and what not.  Let's see where I can take these now. 

Exciting, but scary, that this is still just the tip of an monumental iceberg. πŸ˜…πŸ˜³

Ok that was just a quick update on what I am doing right now. 

day 617


day 617. quick board for my man dan. 😬


 For fun I wanted to see what happens when I use my new product-shop background as a source material for some random AI designs. 

The results are fantastic. 🀩πŸ₯³ The fact that around the boards are so much letters and small logos, really gave a nice input. You can see that in the AI designs aswell and I love it! 

I cant wait to try out some other boards. the result should be quite different depending on the source. So even more than endless possibilities.

So then I found that this is the perfect opportunity, to do another "wtf is he even doing there"- presentation. πŸ˜…

AI... easier than it looks harder than it sounds. The hardest part for me is to focus on one thing and finish it, instead of cosntantly trying out new things and ideas. πŸ˜…

And raw and unedited by me, these type of pictures you can get digital for only 0,91 cent and make posters from it or else. I can realize way more ideas and you get way cheaper art. The raw AI pictures will be upscaled to 4k so they will have proper print quality. 

And I decided that my complete handmade design will not be for sale digitally. The risk is too high it will be abused. So for my handmade ones I will create products as before. 

Excited! (but not for the upscale and uplad part πŸ˜†) 

NEW presentation for the boardshop

just made a new presentation for the boarshop. It has to have a white background, so if I make the background of the website also white, it should have a seemless transition. 

I added the "name" of the board, my website, to burn it into your brain and some of my most used tags, because that looks so super official. 

And soon I have a ton of insane AI pictures on my website stay tuned for that. The next two weeks it will change alot on the websites and alot new stuff will be added. 

Day 616

 day 616. Just a board. πŸ™ƒ

I combined my "chris mac 71" graffiti with my "no matter how this design is, it..." handstyle. The background, if you can even tell, is AI

My vacation started! 2 weeks where I finally want to get some proper structure in my sytem. 

It will be long, tedious, annoying, but at the end worth it! And I make sure that I still enjoy my time, because if I never reach that goal, the time is not wasted. 

If I crunch now just to reach the goal, and then die from a heartattack in 10 days, then the last 10 days would be wasted. 

So no matter what, take it easy anyways. πŸ™‚ 

Day 615

day 615. Felt inspired from yesterday, so I FINALLY made a proper fill in for my smile piece. 

Simple but clean was the goal and I kinda tried to use the same elements as in my "eins" piece.

Another benefit of me reusing my art over and over tocreate new pieces: You guys know what pieces I am talking about because you have seen them a couple times already instead of just once. 

They are good friends that say hello from time to time. πŸ˜„