"Happy monk"


"Imagine that your mind is like a clear, still pond. When the pond is undisturbed, you can see the beauty of the reflections on its surface, just like you can see the clarity of your thoughts when your mind is calm.

But when you start to have thoughts and emotions, it's like throwing a pebble into the pond. The ripples of the disturbance spread out and distort the reflections, just as your thoughts and emotions can distort your perception of reality." - Chat GPT

I finished organizing my "happy monk" channel. Turned out to be around 400 images. Like half of them turned out amazing, the other half maybe makes for a good source picture. I also do save all the prompts I used and the source pictures used. Its very tedious but worth it. I can easily go back and pick it back up again. Now we start to get to the good stuff. I have about 15 channels left to organize. 

Let me know if you want to see more of these, I have plenty. 

The green one is my absolute favourite. I wanted to have more vibrant green meadows, and when I changed it, It turned the cloack to green aswell.  It's a very happy accident.