day 400 

day 400. ✍400 days, 400 boards.πŸ›Ή 

New background for day 400 

I was rushing to get my new background done for my daily board challenge for the next 100 days. Then I realised that day 401 is the first day the new background gets used, because 400 (today) will be the last one on the current background.  But I am basicalley done with it. I realised when I was close to finish. πŸ˜…

How do you like it? 

day 399

day 399. I did the highlights and the shadows and some groundwork for my current piece. And for todays boards I explored some colours again.

day 398

day 398. Today is special. 🌈 I felt super inspired to create this "found happiness yet?" artwork. I added alot of positive messages around it, so there should be quite a bit to discover. 🧐I had the font laying around from back then so I did all of this in 2 sessions. I started, then I had a nice endresult and created the daily boards from it. Then I had a break and then I worked on it a second time to really try my best to knock it out of the park. I am happy with it and it will mainly be a wallart design. All in all it took around 7 hours to make. βœπŸ€—

day 397

day 397. I digitalized my recent sketch and made some quick boards out of it. It's an L-Practice 'Living the lovely life'.


I finally outlined a sketch I did a while ago. 🀠

It was an L-Practice, since this is the worst letter ever existed. πŸ˜…

day 396

day 396. I finished my GSKILLZ comission today. The daily boards are a very zoomed in version of the background I used. The next days I have some cool things coming. Stay tuned!

day 395

day 395. I am really close to finish my GSKILLZ comission.😁✍ It is about 90% done. Now there is just some polish left and some light and shadow work to make it really pop. But overall thats it. πŸ€”

And for the daily boards I made a quick "it's all about the skill" font and just placed what I had behind it. A quick gradient and done. If the client approves it will be finished tomorrow. 🀩

day 394

day 394. I found this awsome colour palette.🌈 I was on a tight schedule today.😟 I had 1:15 for making this board and posting it, before my pizza arrives. I made it... πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹πŸ•


I need help with some good quotes. πŸ™πŸ€”  

It can be funny, serious, inspiring, kind or anything really.  If you have a really good one that blows my mind, I will send you a free shirt with the finished design.πŸ€—πŸ’š so give it a shot.   

These here are the best I could came up with. The design is just a very first concept and work in progress.

day 393

day 393. I practiced the cut out effect again. Nothing too special. I have to hurry to finish the new background for day 400.

day 392

day 392.The daily boards I created from my current GSKILLZ comission today I did all the tedious ground work today. Like making the final letters, doing the outlines aswell as highlights and shadows.and next session I will polish it a bit and advance the fill in a bit more.

day 391

day 391. Today I explored some colours.🌈 I do very like this combo. πŸ€“

day 390

day 390. You guys really seemed to enjoy the board from 2 days ago, so I updated the old version that I did back then and morphed a new one out of my RHINO project. And a bold colour combination on the third. I dont know if I like this combo or not..πŸ€” I guess so. πŸ˜…


Some letter practice. ✍️ I tried using the same element in each letter. πŸ™‚ 

DAY 389

day 389. I started a 'RHINO' today. 😁I made a board out of the first lines. I might refine it in the future. I like the spiky structure of the letters and the readability is still given. I feel like I shouldve spaced it out a bit more to the left and right. Feels like a bit unbalanced? πŸ€”

DAY 388

day 388. πŸ’šπŸ€—βœπŸ›Ή

work in progress

Any suggestions? Like colours or even a better text? Maybe a different layout?  I couldnt come up with something better and I bet your ideas are way better.  Since the english is already a challenge, I think your help could really improve this one.

 Concept for a skater design, where I can just switch out the boards I do everyday , so you can pick your favourite design for a shirt or a poster or even just a free screensaver. 

DAY 387

day 386. I continued with the 'GSKILLZ' comission. I managed to sketch out the final layout. Over the next sessions I will refine each letter, before I would call the sketch done. But I am pretty happy with what I have so far, that I used it for the daily board.

DAY 386

day 386. I picked pup the same red as I used for the bat-boards yesterday. The white Tag I also did today.

DAY 385

day 385. Today I took the batsymbol I made out of my graffiti and made some new batman boards. Theres a timelapse video of it.

DAY 384

day 384. "well... thats a rather sketchy style." πŸ˜…πŸ˜βœ

new letter practice

Some new Letterpractice.✍️ The outlined ones I found good enough to be outlined  πŸ™‚

DAY 383

day 383. Thanks I hate them. πŸ˜… But good enough for the daily practice and keep the juice flowing.😎 I just want to get back to my season finale of DC's titans.πŸ€ͺ Pizza in the fridge too.πŸ• Oh btw... the 'neuneins' graffiti is ooooold

and I do have some dope new letterpractice coming in right after this one.

DAY 382

day 382. -DINO the RHINO-

Today I practiced my glows. I went for a slight glow, I didnt want to make it too shiny.I created the "the" aswell and added a bunch of shadows to the dino, the the and the rhino. I used pink for the the because I found it works very well with the other two. πŸ˜…

DAY 381

day 381. I am late today, but I made it! I morphed this smiley out of my graffiti. Overall nothing special, just to get it done. ✍ Oh and 19 days left for a new background. πŸ€—πŸ’š

It's Scuba time!

Where are the scuba enthusiasts? I wonder if thats a good design.I liked the idea having it say "home" πŸ˜… The diver I got from vexels. I added a bunch of bubbles. Man that was a pain, but totally worth it.   I know how do to bubbles now. πŸ˜…

DAY 380

day 380. Early bird today. I started with doing the highlights for my style practice 5 alphabet. I recorded it too. So later I want to make a timelapse out of it. I think I will polish it further over the next days. Adding some shadow on the letters, opposite to the highlights will also add to the depth.


Hoodie Fullart concept design. 5-7am is my most creative time I noticed. usually I get to bed around 4-5.  gf πŸ˜…

DAY 379

day 379. some tags. 

DAY 378

day 378. Something quick today. I am working on this awesome custom wallart design. ✍️And today I grabbed the example tag I already did and made a quick scene for it.🀫 Also Today I  had no fourth picture, so here is something random.πŸ€“ While typing this I don't know what it will be yet. πŸ˜…

My forex print arrived

My forex-foam print arrived! 🀩 It came out fantastic. Definetely my new favourite wallart material.

Super lightweight but sturdy. It slightly bends under pressure so it won't crack easy. And the clarity and the quality of the print is just over the top, also it was pretty cheap for what I got.

Overall a win win win. πŸ€—πŸ’š

They are available now in my shop in alot of different sizes. I managed to upload a couple different versions already and the green dino is just insane.

And please read the description. The smallest version is the non-profit version and the biggest has a pretty hefty markup, for the peeps who have that money and want to support me.

The rest is priced fair. Check them out and tell me what you think.

The ultimate Wallart

Yo this Forex foam print is my new favourite Wallart Material. 

I opened the package of the first test order and I was instantly convinced. It is super lightweight and very robust. It feels very hard yet when you apply pressure it is bending slightly. That means it wont crack. The quality of the print itself is FANTASTIC. I was blown away by the clarity and the crispness and the material feels just really really good to touch, but be careful with your fatfingers. I am afraid of testing if you can just clean the oil from the skin of of it. I was really careful so far.  It got delivered with a wall mount on the back and I am just super proud to present to you this product. Make sure to check back every now and then I will frequently upload new collections.

Rhinosaur.arts strifes for the best possible customers experience, so pick your favourite and get convinced by this new top notch wallart material. 



The smallest version is the NON-PROFIT version. Since I want to make my art available to everyone, you can still afford these if you are still a teenager or you want to gift them to friends. I just do a couple cents on it and this is for everyone, who otherwise can't afford my art. Spread the love! 

The biggest version however has a pretty big markup. This is for everyone who does have the money and want to support me with an extra buck. The money will help to become more independant, get new product samples or just fill my stomach. 

The rest is priced fair and no matter what you decide to get, I am incredibly thankful and grateful for your contribute and support. 

Personalisation possible. Just hit me up. 

DAY 377

day 377. I basicalley finished this comission. Waiting for approval and then doing the final touches. So I used what I had to create the daily boards. I am happy how the colours turned out. I did struggle abit, but it worked out at the end. 😁

DAY 376

day 376. Now today I gave it my best shot on lighting. πŸ’ͺ Means I did all the small things that are super time consuming but necessary to deliver a convincing effect.πŸ€” And yeah the endproduct just shows how important good lighting is. Just compare it to my other artwork and see for yourself. πŸ€“This one here has much more power and quality to it. Now it's not perfect by any means and in fact it just showed me how much I still have to learn, but I am super extremely mega happy with the endproduct. πŸ₯³ So normally The lightbeam and the lighteffects wouldve taken maybe 15 minutes. Today it took 2 hours.πŸ˜… And for the rest of the board I just took a background I created yesterday and morphed the sameone in the foreground abit. I do wanted to add some clouds and ambient distancing, but the 15 minute version looked shit and I can't spend another 2 hours today. I saved the project so we will see. 

but probably the best thing about it is, I can just zoom in, do some colour correction and have a new board. 😁

See you tomorrow πŸ’šπŸ€—

DAY 375

day 375. Making progress on the STALLING piece. Now he has to still pick the final colours, but all groundwork is done now, like highlights and shadows.  After it's done it will turn into a one of a kind puzzle.  πŸ€—πŸ’š

Fullart Hoodies

Some day... 

DAY 374

day 374. Don't ask me what happened there.  I discovered, that if I put the pressure of the morphing tool on 100, it will drag out the pixels almost indefinetely. So I had A TON of fun drawing this picture by morphing my graffiti into shape. I started with the 'rocks in the foreground' and discovered I can make it look like trees.  so I did one on the left and one on the right. Then I even managed to put some mountains in the background. Some blur, some clouds or 'ambient distance fog' to make the mountains look far away. 

Now I am very curious what your impression is. 

New phone cases on redbubble

Top-Notch, handmade, high quality, unique, modern graffiti- phone case designs. Made 100% by me

DAY 373 collab with B

day 373. Today I was super inspired to finish the collaboration with @beelzebube54_design .πŸ₯³ I did the RB in the middle and he did the RB's in a circle around it. You can also see the original pictures I used. So I added some effects and made a simple circle shaped logo type of thing. πŸ˜… I am also very early today, the daily board was the first thing I did, so I have the rest of the day for comissions, new phonecase designs or aparel stuff. I might also continue working on the appearence of the shop or my website. For example I added a free download section to my website yesterday. 

First food then we see. 😁

Have a great sunday! πŸ€—πŸ’š

DAY 372

 day 372. Today I have a little compilation of some of my pieces. I also did a very quick and simple neuneins logo, where the N and the E are connecting. Now overall these boards couldve looked better. Theres a ton of shadows and highlights that I couldve added. I couldve added some cloudy effects, to add some ambient distancing, BUT the reason I dont do it, is because it would take a week. All these things are way faster learned than improving your feeling for designs. So I rather do 7 non polished designs then 1 polished design. I plan on making crazy polished boards many many months from now on. Until then I will continue practicing.

DAY 371

day 371. I morphed my graffiti into these boards and today I had the worst day in a while. So I did some morphing. Twisting and changing the world I am in in that moment, seems like a good way to deal with anger and frustration. And its fun. This day will be over soon and there will be better ones. Oh and these will be fantastic phone cases and mousepads.


Here you see more daily dose of art. I was using pngs so it slowed down the website alot.