day 6

One ai a day - day 6 - a giant tree 3.0 from the collection. 

day 13

one letter a day - day 13 - "K" ✍️

day 1024

day 1024. for today's board a beautiful abstract from my collection. 

day 5

one ai a day - day 5 - BIG WOLF!

day 12

one letter a day - day 12 - "SAURUS" ✍️

day 1023

 day 1023. The city is your canvas - paint it with wheels! 

Version 2.0 The first version was day 405, so it needed an upgrade😁 

day 4

one ai a day - day 4 -  This one is from my "cyber zen garden rooftop" project. Mixed with my graffiti to give it a real unique look. It's 200 images in that project and thats one of the best. 

Enjoy your weekend. 💚

day 11

one letter a day - day 11 - Oh no I forgot the "t" in "healthy" 😆 but I really like how it turned out, so I went with it. also "NYC" ✍️

day 1022

day 1022. Stay calm and tame your monkey mind. 😊 Instead of trying to change the outside world, sometimes it is smarter to put the energy in changing the mindset. 

day 10

one ai a day - day 3 -  a cute goat from my "goat". That project contains 183 images. It was hard to pick a favourite. 😍🐐🐏

day 10

 one letter a day - day 10 - RhinoSaur, NEUN1, YUM YUM and 2 M's ✍️

day 1021

 day 1021. Today I did a cut out again with some effects and overall just some really nice colours. "stay focused" 😋 

day 2

 day 2. This one is from my "hollow" series. It turned out crazy good. 💯 

day 9

 one letter a day - day 9 - neun, EINS, K, m, B ✍️ 

day 1020

day 1020. Today I applied a new colour pallette to one of my alphabets. 😎👀

day 1

day 1 -  Here we go making the trio complete. Starting a third daily challenge. In this one I want to showcase one of my ai images every day.  Today we have my favourite frome my "goku monk" project. 

So the last week I have been working on the mockup. I generated an white wall image and did the rest by hand. I attach a picture, so you can see what I have added. Wasn't really that easy to me, but I am somehat satisfied woth the outcome. I hope it is believable enough. 

I really like the canvas effect on it and also tauber our bird friend made an appearence again.  😁🐦

Hope you enjoy your daily dose of art. 🤗💚

day 8

one letter a day -  day 8 -  karma, ABC, Dino ✍️

day 1019

day 1019. An abstract with some built in tags. 🙃

day 7

 one letter a day - day 7 - "crucial" , "MUT" , "BSK" , X , R , dino ✍️ 

day 1018

 day 1018. An abstract ai board with my newest tag. 😁 

day 6

 one letter a day - day 6 - my first kind of "meh" day. 😅 I like the B. 

day 1017

day 1017. I am working on some "amazing" new ai projects, mixed and created with my graffiti.  Still have some background work to do before I can fully focus on the books and puzzles, but it will so be worth it let me tell you. 

Here is a teaser of a new project. heroic Rooftop skate action I call " Do a backflip!"  😉

day 5

day 5. Double letters are the worst. 😅

day 1016


day 1016. "kurz chillen" means as much as "relax for a second"

day 4

 day 4. I played 2,5 hours of ping pong today. I am sore and done. Luckily I had this done before. 😁🐦

day 1015

day 1015. "Your mind is free". One of my gokubird ai, paired with handstyles and notes for a happier life and how to acchieve happiness in life. 


day 3

day 3. "marmelade" ✍️

day 1014

day 1014. A "KÄSE SAUR" board, for all the cheese lovers. 🧀

day 2

 one letter a day. day 2. "broke" 😁 the more stuff we have the more we have  "negative emotions rarely make the situation any better. 🙏 

day 1013

day 1013. "wandering". I used my graffiti and described "a shaolin monk helping" to create todays board. 🙏

day 1

day 1. Alright I  decided to start 2 new daily challenge. This here is day 1 of my "one letter a day" challenge. I do this mostly for practice, consistency and improving concentration and dedication to a task. And posting it online is  huge motivation boost and if I can inspire and spread joy, then I am already happy. 

What I learned in my 1000 days of my "one board a day" challenge, is keeping the daily goal simple. There will be days when you just barely make it and you will have to crunch through. So having a goal that is acchieved easily helps to keep up the challenge. It tricks the brain and when I feel motivated, I can do more than one letter. Important is to not pressure yourself doing too much each day. 

I am looking forward to share this journey with you. Also I will start a third challenge. "One ai image a day" Thats mostly for you to see all the ai I still have to show you and for your daily inspiration. 

So from now on, rhinosaur.arts is the place for your "daily dose of art". Even more than before now. I try to be more active again, but after I lost my facebook account, some restructuring was needed and a sof reset, to bring back my motivation.

Also there is tons of books I want to finish, so there is alot planned in 2024. 

So yeah for day one we have the word "trouble?" with "spacing issues", "courage" a handstyle phrase and a log-character. 

Can you spot the mushroom? 😁

day 1012

day 1012. I gave the ai an image of my graffiti and said "planetary fusin sketch".  So its more an abstract thhan graffiti, but awesome either way. 

day 1011

day 1011. A Rhino board today with a rhinosketch aswell. 😁

day 1010

day 1010. A "saur" sketch board with an egg. 😊

day 1009

day 1009. Another one of my new ai tests. This one involved my graffiti as influence and I added "planetary fusion sketch", to create this image. Fits so well on a board when using a 27:6 ratio.  👀

day 1008

day 1008. I am still organizing my old ai art, but yesterday I tried it again to test things out. This one here is amaying. I used my rhino graffiti and prompted "plant disection sketch" . Midjourney really improved and there is a lot of awesome images to come. 😁

The new abstracts I have soon are amazing. 👀

day 1007

day 1007. An ai landscape-abstract plus my "living" handstyle. Colour corrected, so it is a warmer green.

day 1006

day 1006. "B" as in "backside" 😎😁

day 1005

day 1005. Full ai board with one of my "mindful skulls" of the upcoming artbook. 👀

day 1004

day 1004. A "backside91","dino" and "rhino" board. 😎

day 1003

 day 1003. I upscaled my ai "trains" today. Here is one of them. Fits pretty well on the board as it is😁 

day 1002

day 1002. I have been upscaling some ai again today. Making progress! I used one from my "hollow x insta" project and paired it with my "crucial"  handstyle. 

Also yeah I think my facebook profile is gone, but for some reason my other profile has exclusie access to this page now. I don't know what went wrong there, but I take it. 😁

day 1001

day 1001. A "wörse" sketch in white. 😁 

day 1000

day 999. I colour corrected one of my ai images from the"hulk throne" project with a tag. :D

day 999

day 999. I colour corrected one of my ai images from the"hulk throne" project with a tag. :D

day 998

day 998. For today an ai abstract with some of my letters. :)

btw I think my facebook account got stolen and I can't get it back. I dont know what to do now I could try to recover it, but I am not a fan of sending facebook my ID. or I make a new account. hmmmm

day 997

day 997. My monkey mind graff with my monkey illustration with my "tame your monkey mind" handstyle. 😁

day 996

day 996. I did this board really late today and want to make it another quick deal. It is still just a 1 day project, but I got carried away and felt quite inspired. I added some handstyles and improved my "lettershadow on objects" abit. The skull samurai is one of my ai images. 

I can feel the hype coming back slowly but surely. 💪

day 994

day 994. Browsing through my tens of thousands ai images and this one said "pick me". So I did. 😁

"this moment"  - this moment is all we will ever have. Future is uncertain and past has passed already. So learn from the past and prepare from the future, but realize that planning also can only happen here and now. 

and "only hurt people hurt people" is just an eye opening truth. 

Now I go ping pong with a friend! C ya later! 💚

day 993


day 993. An "inspire" sketch and my "be creative" handstyle on a plain background. 👀

day 992

day 992. A quick ai board from my orange hunter project. Made while gaming. 💚

day 991

day 991. Another ai cheese board, with an amazing "crucial cookie" handstyle. I wanted to do only the ai, but day 991 is somewhat special, so I patched together "crucial" and "cookie" . Does that make sense on a cheese board? Well I love it and that means it is good as it is. 

day 990

day 990. A sport-board! 😁 An basketball ai image with my "stay focused" handstyle. 

day 989

day 989. My smile piece in blue with an abstract ai background. 🤪

day 988

day 988. Today I combined two of my latest  "one piece masterpieces" ai images, colour corrected them abit and added a handstyle to make the middle part more interesting. 

There is so much awesome art I still have, but I am just playing star citizen currently, not getting my books done or finsih organizing my ai.  Sorry about that tho. 🫤Well at least  I started sketching again yesterday after that kind of "winterbreak". 

Star citizen and rewatching stargate is way too much fun let me tell you. 

day 987

day 987. An "samurai background scene" ai image paired with some letters! 👀

day 986

day 986. A karma board with a morph I once did from a comission. 😎

day 985

day 985. Today a mighty morphing ai board. 


day 984

day 984. Abstract ai + handstyle. "Today is a good day!" 🙃💚

day 983

day 983. "dino dino dino" in yellow. 💛

day 982

day 982. Today another ai cheese board. YUM! 😋

day 981

 day 981. Full ai board today. A peaceful scene with a samurai slendering in the sun. 

day 980

day 980. Pink EINS. 🙂

day 979

 day 979. Green on green. 


day 977

day 977. A new dino board with a new "noin1" handstyle 

 Love it.

day 976

day 976. An ai board with an handstyle. 🙃

day 975

day 975. blue "wörse" board. Happy new year. 💚

day 974

day 973. A one piece board with some handstyles.  "Ruffy Zorro Nami Lysop Sanji" day 974. Today I had one of my greatest gaming experiences. Playing starcitizen with a random and after killing the bounty we realized they had a ton of illegal drugs on board. 322 scu of gasping weevil eggs. 🤯 Took around 3 hpurs and we made 35 million auec. Thats the progress of months of normal farming. 

The selling was the actual scary part. 

So of courseI had to make a board from it. 

day 973

day 973. A one piece board with some handstyles.  "Ruffy Zorro Nami Lysop Sanji" 

day 972

day 972. One of my ai lizard with a tag and an alphabet. Some simple shadow effects on top. 🙂

day 971

day 970. This here is an ai image from bday 971. A Rhinosaur sketch board. With two seperate sketches combined.

day 970

day 970. This here is an ai image from by !cheese" project. Me giving my graffiti as influence to the ai, really made a nice abstract out of it.  So it's neither cheese nor graff. 😁

day 969

day 969. A dedication board in blue. 🙃

day 968

 day 968. Backside in the background and my "dinoneuneins" piece in the foreground. 

Happy holidays for you and your loved ones.💚 

day 967

 day 967. Monkeymind x Backside 😎 

day 966

day 966. Today a full ai board with one of my bears from my "griptapes" project. 

Fits very well if you ask me. 

day 965

day 965. The board we made together on stream BRO.

day 963

day 963. Today I have one of my ai bird people with a dope "bro" and "fox" handstyle. So "brofox" 😅 I even added some light and shadow effects to the letters and matched the green with their hat. 

day 962

day 962. A dirty handstyle board. I know it's not my best, but I rather watch a movie with my buddy. "war of Arrows" 😮

I did the handstyle today "omg I fucking love star citizen" I own that game for a while and recently rediscovered it. It brought back my love for gaming. 

day 961

day 961. The grey part an artist friend once made for me. Its hard to read, but makes for a great pattern. It says "arts by dino". Back then I added some effects and today I added my "dinodinodino" handstyle. 
And I ordered burger. Should be here in a bit. 😋 

Have an awesome sunday. 💚🤗

day 960

day 960. Today I have one of my cute ai goats for you with my "only hurt people hurt people"  handstyle. The image wasnt quite fitting, so I instead of extending the canvas, I just used the warp tool and kind of circled the image around the font. 🙂

The goat has 4 ears, so you can see the "pokemon" influence in there.

day 959

day 959. For today, the batsymbol I made once from my graffiti on a red background with some tags. 

day 958

day 958. Today I reused the "batman boardshape" I did once. I ever only used it twice really, but there are so many great combinations possible. 

The silhouette is also handmade and I applied a bright popping orange. Now ask me how tempted I was to put some letters or something in the background. Who agrees that this simplicity looks really awesome? 😁

See you tomorrow. 💚✌️ 

day 957

day 957.  NEUNEINS tag board in popping green. With some letters as a background texture. 😁

day 956

day 956.  It is quite hard to make something white visible on a non plain background. I usually use shadows behind the obhect to do the trick. 😁

day 955

day 955. Today my "eins" piece with the full fill in (wich I don't show that often) in BLUE!! 

day 954

day 954. Still having an uninspired week, but therefor todays board is quite cool. I just wanted to make the green pop!

day 953

day 953. A board from my "found happiness yet" design in pink. 🙂

day 952

day 952. Not a very inspired day, but I did my best. 😅🤯

day 951

day 951. A "dedication" "eins" board. 👀

day 950

day 950. Dream 🤔

day 949

day 949. Today I used a recent SAUR sketch on a white board. With some purple accents 😁

day 948

day 948. Alright, so I forgot the board yesterday, but DON'T PANIC YET!  I have not mentioned it in a while, but I started this challenge on instagram and started posting at 1:30 pm. Wich is in exactly 22 minutes. At some point I decided it would be smart to have a buffer, so I did them an evening before and scheduled them on that instagram ( ) for that time everyday.  

AND EVEN THEN. I still have time until midnight that day, wich gives me another buffer. And if it is not posted before midnight that day on instagram, then I consider it to be failed and I would start at 1 again. 

But yeah here is todays/yesterdays😅 board. I did it right after getting up. I took a recent "wörse" sketch and digitalized it and added some effects. Overall it took 90 minutes and these are cool, but more concepts than fleshed out. Since I still have my comission to finish, I feel bad spending too much time on the daily board.

I like the white one the most. Through filling out only the wholes in the ö and e, it gets and alien kind of vibe to it. 👽

Enjoy your tuesday. Most of you probably just get up. 😅

day 947

day 947. A recently upscaled ai abstract and a handstyle. for todays board.🙂

project showcase


Here is a showcase of two projects. "tribegirl" and "griptape goats", wich is tied to the "griptape" project, but feature goats. 😍

Have a nice sunday! 💚

day 946

day 946. Today I made a light blue board, with my "dinosaur" sketch and an ai character.  Nothing too special, because me and a friend watched equalizer 3. Man it is kind of ok, but so lackluster. 😒😅

day 945

 day 945. A boring abstract "eins" board. 😁🐦 

day 944

day 944. A preview of my "griptape" ai project. its my biggest one so far with 1.069 images. Here is one of them with a placeholder handstyle. Here I used a cute teddybear theme, but I also got apes, girls, pokemon, racoons, super mario an GOATS. 🐐😍

day 943

day 943. A recently upscaled ai abstract for todays board. 🙂

day 942

day 942. A handstyle board. "impermanence", "unbeständigkeit" and a tag. 😁👍

day 941

day 941. "MONKEYMIND91" This pretty weird ai image fits perfectly on the board. I covered the face of the woman with one of my handstyles. For a daily concept pretty good, but imagine what one with time could do with it. 😮 So this is one of the boards I will 100% pick back up later and make it proper. ✍️

day 940

day 940. For todays board I took a not so optimal photo of a page in my sketchbook and extracted the outlines, polished, reformed and coloured them. I made the sketch days ago, but overall it took 2 hours from blank page to board. 

And since I kept saving, I have these outlines ready to go now and dont have to do the work again. 😎👍

day 939

day 939. Today we have a quite interesting one. While making some good progress on my comission and organizing all my ai, first of all I have an ai teaser image for my "orange hunter" project. I added an alphabet in the background, added a "karma" lable on her jacket and tried to make the green dino tag look like it sits on her arm. I warped the shadow in place, but I wonder how I could make this more legible when it is such a bright green. 

Once I have more time, I want to do alot more stuff with my ai images. 

Just you wait! 

day 938

day 938. A "RHINO/MIND" board. ✌️

But tell me, do the colours work? 🤔I am not sure about the red.

day 937

day 937. I am working on my comission and on the side I upscale my ai images. So Sorry if there are not too many posts lately. 

day 936

day 936. BLUE! daba dee 😁

day 935

day 935. Today I just worked on my comission and upscaled some ai images on the side. This board had a cool idea, but I feel like it still needs something. 🤔 Anyway, today was a good day. 😁🙏

day 934

day 934. Lots of tags and a dope colour scheme 😎🤘 Some quotes for happiness. 😬💚

day 933

day 933. A "found happiness yet?" board. Trying to improve my feeling for combinh multiple colours. Then I did some colour correction. Can you tell wich one is the original colour scheme? 😏

Nothing should ever be as desireable as the wish to be present here and now. 

All we will ever have is this moment. 

Nice sunday to you! 💚

day 932

day 932. A while ago I made these 7 letterboards. A,B,C,D,E,F,H,J 

Today I took all of them and combined them with my "dino" turned yellow. 

day 931

day 931. I did some first lines for a digital impermanence sketch and even recorded it.  Then after that I made some quick outlines. Only like 30 minutes in totaö, so quite rough. Then on the shadow part my drawpad stopped working. It would look so much better with  a shadow, but it should'nt be. 🙂

day 930

day 930. Just a quick concept today, but I will make a proper one at some point. 


project hollow

Check these out. 👀 Project "Hollow". 700 images upscaled to 8k and ready to go.🥳Artbook coming eventually. 

I always upscale while I watch something. That takes longer, but is way less stress. 😉

day 929

day 929. The background is a double page from my upcoming graffiti artbook I finished yesterday. I added my red smile piece to fill a gap. 😁

day 928

day 928. I finished the second final letter layout for my current comission. I think this is it this time. I  completely redid it, because I found for a paintball shirt design it is better when the letters dont touch. I like it way better now.

I took the sketch and made a teaser board for today. 😁

day 927

day 927. Here is one of my new one piece related ai images. I added my "eins" graffiti and I could finally use my "gumo gumo" handstyle I made a while ago. 

The colours could maybe pop a bit more. 🤔 Next time I should colour correct it a bit.

day 926

day 926. A red board with a new curvy tag and some happiness notes as background. 💚


I organized this channel where I combined multiple projects and these really stood out. 👀 Hope you enjoy 💚

day 925

day 925. 4 Alphabets-Board! ✌️

day 924

day 924. I practiced implementing handstyles into a scene today. So basicalley adjusting values and add shadows. 

I made three on this ai skull imge from my collection. 

The two green ones turned out ok but somehow the white doesn't work. Maybe its too bright? 🤔

day 923

day 923. A handstyle board with lots on notes and facts about life, happiness and impermanence. 🙂🐦

day 922

day 922. Here I have some more abstracts. They make for some decent boards already. 👀

have a birdsome day!

have a birdsome day! 💚

improved ai

 New ai project that expanded over a couple days.  I just called it "griptape" but it escalated quickly! 

I basicalley improved the bears in 1:3 format and also tried out others and ended up with my favourite images yet. 

The dark ones are super weird and creepy! There I was injecting one of my styles into the mix. 

No artist names used on any of these ever

For each image you see there are hundreds I wish I could show aswell. And you have not even seen the chickens in a barn yet. 😆

day 921

day 921. "BACKSIDE91" and "monkeyminD91" 😁 You can view it vertical or horizontal and it's green! 

day 920

day 920. Today I have 4 abstract ai designs for you. There is so much more I will do with these. Currently I first want to finish some other stuff like comissions and organizing and the artbooks. 

So for today just these, but putting them on the board already gave me some great ideas. 👀

day 919

day 919. "Your best is always good enough" 😁

day 918

day 918. I have improved my ai teddy bears abit today and I made a board out of one of them. I added a "mindful" handstyle. ✍️I added some shadows, highlights and colour corrected the bear a bit. Now it has a little more of red. Fits better to the teal I used for the font. 

Overall I have some great ai projects coming soon. Just struggling with my comission a bit. The spark just wont hit me. But at the end it will be good. 😁

letter practice

had an idea for some letter practice. ✍️here is the first test. 👀

Now I only need actual funny ideas. 😅 Thats gonna be the hardest part.  

new ai

 Finally discovered the fastest way to burn through your fast hours. 😆👍

so midjourney has this new --style feature huh. 👀

I tried it out and this one resulted in a very dystopian kind of look. I tried it out with various words and I really like it. 

You can try my style I created for yourself. if you want. 

Simply add "--style  c1mg0WloPAhmNbN1Sx53" at the end of your prompt.

I would love to see some of your styles too. 

Overall a very exciting new feature.  

Also here is a super hard riddle for you. Spot the one picture that has not been using that style and is just here because I found it so cool. 😅

no artist names used.

oh and btw. I am working on some insane ai one piece devil fruits coming soon 😋 

day 917

 day 917. Letterboard ✍️ "unbeständigkeit" and "nothing is forever" I also did a small warp for a weird melt effect. 

I don't feel very good today. 

day 916

 day 916. BACK HOME BOARD! 🥳 I made a quick coloured version of my new "wasted potential" sketch from earlier.  

I like the brighter one slightly better. 🤔 


I am back home!! Here are the boards of the recent days. I posted them daily just didnt had access to post here. So here are the vacation boards day 912.913,914,915 .

day 911

 day 911. Tomorrow I am on vacation for 4 days, so we see how those boards will turn out. 😅 

Today I just did this. A quick morph and a glowing intense blue rhino. 

day 910

day 910. "smile" ! With an ai image from my collection. Recently organized this "one piece related colourful portrait" kind of project. I added my "smile" piece and turned it yellow. 🙂

vertical slice

A vertical slice of some ai projects I am currently working on. 

Tell me wich ones you want to see more of, if any.  

You can get the full 87 images as a free download in my shop.

Hope you enjoy. ✌️💚

day 909


day 909. For my graffbook I made some tags and a freestyle alphabet. Then I thought, why not making a board concept for these. 🙂 

Reminds me of halloween somehow and now I get all kinds of inspiration for a dope pumpking graffiti design. 

day 908

day 908 On accident I made some ai ape board designs.😅 Was trying something else, as these came to me.  

So for todays boards, just these. 😁

day 907

day 907. Crucial 🫵

"some pups" artbook

Got my Puppy ai artbook 👀 - 92 pages
The final book will be a square shape, 1:1 ratio. So I decided to make these 2:3 images in an extra book. This one focuses on just images and turned out beautiful.
Turning your own ai art into books and then holding it in hands feels good! You have them always at hand and they become "a real thing".  😬

day 906

day 906. Some fresh new lettering. "impermanence" & "found happiness yet?"  

Can't wait to make a proper design with these letters.

day 905

day 905. Ok so normally I wanted to make this board the fastest board ever, cause I am waiting for my pizza and wanted it done before it arrives. Well I got slightly inspired and I actually love todays board. 🤩

I grabbed one of my morphed "eins" designs and colour corrected it to grey pink, then I grabbed the original "eins" and turned it in the same pink. I added a bright, white "auch dies geht vorbei" (this too eventually passes) handstyle I did yesterday. Added it 3 times and even made a shadow on one of them to make it fit into the background better. 

Overall a very dope board and it still only took 7 minutes to make. so still pretty good.😁 The daily practice pays back in terms of efficiency and muscle memory. Everything is just faster and easier to acchieve with less brainpower required than on day one. 😁

Enjoy your evening! 🤗💚

day 904

day 904. Some fresh new lettering. 😁✍️ Now I could've spent more time on effects and the colours overall, but for my "busy" schedule for the rest of the year and for a one day project from scratch this is fine. And I can pick it back up later and refine it. 😉 Hope you enjoy! 

We got "backside,switch,heartbeat,curl,suuuper!, and noin1"

How do you like the colours I picked. Do they match?

day 903

day 903. "Happy be" 😅

day 902

day 902. Tried around for a bit before I was some what satisfied. It get's the job done. 😅

day 901

day 901. My "found happiness yet?" wallart design turned blue with a dino throwup. 

day 900

day 900! 🥳 Wohoo! I made it to 900. And todays board was really fun. I felt quite inspired, but didnt know how it would turn out as usual. So I freshly made a 900 throwup, a ninehundred tag and a 900 with my paintroll brush. I added shadow and highlights to some layers and also made a big "backside 91" for the background. 

In the big throwup I included some text, some handstyle and a letter piece. then for flair I added my "eins" piece very subtle in the background. 

And I also made a green version! 

Hope you enjoy and thanks to everyone being a part and enjoying this journey with me. 🤗💚

day 899

day 899. I organized my "hollow" project. Here is one of the images. On that one I tried the pan-feature. 

The board is as simple as it gets, with just the image, but makes for a great board how I find. 


UNBESTÄNDIGKEIT (impermanence) ✍ I finished the outlines and started digitalizing. Here is what I have so far. 

btw. can you spot the 2 alphabets I squeezed in there? 😅

day 898

day 898. I am working on my "unbeständigkeit" (impermanence) piece. I already made the dropshadow and separate the areas I want to colour. There is still alot of effekts missing, but I played around with some colour already and made todays board from it. 😁

day 897

day 897. LOTS OF LETTERS. 👊 With my smile graffiti and some splashes of colour. 👀

pupz artbook!

 Wich page layout is better, the bright or the dark one?  (picture 2)

It is for my upcoming ai artbook. "Wagging Tails: What a puppy would tell you." 🤗💚 featuring some handwriiten names and encouraging and positive messages. And lots of pups! So I need lots of names and things a puppy would tell you.
So now your favourite puppy name in the comments, please. 🙏😁
This will be a great practice to advance and improve my handstyle.😎 


day 896

day 896. "DINO" & "SAURUS" in red.  

day 895

day 895. Have not made a "neuner" board in a while. Love it.😃

day 894

day 894. Hell yeah. 🤘One of my Rhinosaur ai with some throwups. I especially like the colourcheme. 🙃

Giant trees 3.0

 I am making good progress on organizing all of my ai. 😵‍💫

Here are some giant trees 3.0 😁 

day 893

day 893. I have made a new tag today! Also used my drawpad again since quite some time and it felt great!

day 892

day 892. Have not done a colour pallete board in a while! ...oh and "RIFTSMURF" 😅  

I digitalized my most recent sketches for my artbook and compiled two into todays board.😁

day 891

day 891. After such a great weekend so far and the amazing rhinosaur ai images I got yesterday on accident, I felt inspired to do these 3 boards for day 891. 😁 I made 3 colours. Red one is just some of my outlines and pure vandalism , green is a bit more positive with "freedomishere" and the yellow one shall inspire you to "be creative" more. Just like the sun warming your skin. 😉

At some point these will be on my wall. 👍

See you later. 

Good day

Today something incredible happened, so the evening was already a win. 
Then I hopped onto some ai later and tried to improve my "female samurai ricefarmer" project. Well I messed up the prompt, but the result was more than suprising. 

I messed up the image prompt and the ai glitched out somehow. I got these AMAZING "Rhinosaurs in hawaii shirts". I cant describe on how many levels that is perfect and I absolutely fell in love with these. 

Some of these really look like, what I imagined a mix between rhino and dinosaur. And for whatever reason the ai decides to pick this topic instead of any other. Because the prompt had nothing with rhino or dino in it, thats why it seems like a crazy coincidence. 

Anyways, I tried to recreate these, but failed and after some tries realized that it is impossible for me. So I reroll as much as I can and pick the ones I like. The ratio from "decent" to "masterpiece" isnt that great, but there are unlimited rerolls. 😁

I feel more than thankful for these. I want to believe It is my karma these came to me. 🙏

These will make for an awesome special photobook. 👀

And since I enjoyed these so much, I thought some of you would like these too. 🤗💚

day 890

day 890. I rarely do red boards, but today it is popping red. 😄 I used my "saurus" outlines and they come really good how I find. 

new pages

Here are some more pages for my letterbook. I have 41 double pages by now. Still some more to go. 😁👍

day 889

day 889. I digitalized the 2 throwups I sketched on paper. "DINO" and "LOVE". Then I made a dark and white design with some colour. 😁

day 888

"Why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was two-tired!"

day 888. I used my "found happiness yet?" design and my "neuneins" tag. Orange is original and the blue one I almost like more, but that is just quickly colour corrected. 😁

female samurai rice farmer 


I still try to optimize  my "female samurai rice farmer". The RAW one are the results after I had my textprompt. So no remixing or image prompts. I like how these recent one turned out. 

Made some good progress, but there is room for more. Let's give it a couple more weeks and see where we are then. 

The best results you get by trying out alot and give it time. 

made in midjourney v 4,5,5.2 

day 887

"Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!"

day 887. A gokupal with some letters in orange. 🙂

To the right my RHINO outlines, left a tag. I applied some light and shadow effects to everything. Not quite what I imagined, but I take it! 😤👍