AI is a tool that helps us to be more creative than we have ever been.

It's no longer about what you can do, it's only about what you WANT to do. So if that border is gone it makes room for endless possibilities. 

Plus it let's the artist experience his own work also for the first time with fresh eyes, Wich for me is probably the best thing about it. 

I do mix the AI with my handmade graffiti to make it truly unique. Here I present you a small selection of what I have created so far. It's hard to keep up the paste and show everything I do, but I do my best.

Let's start dreaming and I hope you have som fun.

Daily AI art

Instagram gallery

Here are some of my passion projects. 

showcases, tipps and templates

Here you can get inspired, maybe learn one or two things and get free abstract source material generated mostly from my own handmade graffiti.


"Hulk throne"

A hulk like figure on a throne

"Happy monk"

Some happy monks. :)

Elephants in paris

A colourful pencil drawing of an elephant in a busy street. Mixed with my handmade graffiti.

creative caribbean corruption

Beautiful women in a caribbean setup mixed with my graffiti art

Creative corruption: Mayan RhinosAUR

Ancient mayan shamans mixed with my handmade graffiti. 

Elsa and Naruto Mix

Princess elsa mixed with naruto and made unique with my graffiti

Knights & Eagles... +Rhinos

Badass Knights and eagles in a wild mix. Check out the Rhinos too.


scary awesome Eagle skulls. Partially corrupted


Majestic Rhinos.. nuff said


Majestic eagle in corrupted jungle


Towns made from Piles of paper, mixed with my handmade graffiti


The most beautiful shoes you will never wear.


I don't even own a driver license, but I like the look of lambos and pickups. 

DAY 666

Day 666 of my daily board challenge. Call it "steps torwards hell" maybe. 

Abstractum patronum

Most of these are created using my graffiti as a source material. Then they are perfect to really get things started. 

landments & environscapes

Beautiful sceneries. Realistic or abstract. I do love the asian side of look, but theres still a million things I want to try out.  

honorable mentions

Here are some of my favourite pictures, that got created along the way. but they are not quite perfect or simpüly not explored enough yet. Still I love all of them! 

day 666. AI part


day 666. Normally I was not super inspired for today, but since there will be only one day 666 ever, I wanted to at least do my best. So I generated some AI with a big staircase torwards a creepy devil like creature. Took me sme tries, but they turned out great. there will be an extra post for that. 

Then I also made some new handstyle, with what I found fitting. 

"The devil also just wants to be happy" , "come here" and "don't let greed conquer you"


I believe there is a right and a wrong way to use art generated by artificial intelligence

I present to you the (in my opinion) right way to do it. 

First of all I will never claim the rights or my ultimate skill as an artist for my AI generated images. They are just really nice to look at and elp me bring my closest to my heart thoughts to live like no other artist or me ever can. 

I am a graffiti and lettering guy and I want to put all my time and dedication into focusing on that. I am also someone who wants to make people happy in the first place and if AI helps me doing that better, than before and make even more people happy, then I believe its a good thing. 
I know about my own intentions and I would never try to profit off of someones labor or copy their hard work.  I would never generate an image with an prompt like " made by picasso" or "inspired by artist xy"

If I generate my Images  it looks something like this


/imagine [2 or 3 sources here]highly detailed digital painting of open meadows with Samurai Jedi bounty hunter in light armor painting, small japanese village in the distance , great mountain valley, above clouds, open meadows, lush grass, cascading stream, wooden suspension bridge over a drippling river, colorful hanging gardens, trees, , cinematic lighting , bright daylight, sunny day, meadows after rain, japanese shacks in the distance , pollen particles to draw wind, wide angle shot, panoramic still shot --v 4 --ar 3:2


So AI is just another tool in PEOPLES hands. And as with every tool it can be used right or wrong. I admit a tool never seen before, so we have to see where this leads. We could discuss if the pictures used for training the AI was rightfully, but now it's too late. Nothing I will or can ever do will change that back, so I use this tool respectfully without doing further damage to other artists. Because it's here to stay and too much fun for me personally to pass out on. 

But if we keep a calm mind and have civilized discussion filled with love and empathy, then I am sure we will find a way.

Now enjoy these FULLY AI GENERATED IMAGES, "typed" by me lol.