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day 1098

one board a day - day 1098 -  my "eins" in red!

day 79

one ai a day - day 79 - a favourite from the coast 1.0 project. 

day 1097

one board a day - day 1097 - Nice! I cutted out this ai image and did the "could be wΓΆrs" piece from scratch. The goal wasn't perfection. The goal was to just do it and take it however it turns out and I like it! Pink and orange is a very unusual combo, but somehow it pops! 

And no matter how bad it is, it can always be wΓΆrs. Thinking about it that way, alsways let's you feel gratitude and thankfulness instead of frustration. 

"A heart  filled with thankfulness, has little room for discontent."

And in a skatesession theres alot of things that most likely don't go as expected. ANd that makes "could be wârs" one of the best things you can put on a board if you ask me. 😁

I do feel bad a little bit because I wanted to do my comission today, but I got so inspired and just carried away. πŸ˜‡ Sometimes you gotta go with the flow for best results.

Have a nice evening!

day 78

one ai a day - day 78 - tiny birds 5.0 project. I also used it for todays board. 🀯


 Let me know your time in the comments!
I just discovered this free online puzzle generator. And since this is something huge for me, let's celebrate with a giveaway. I still have a couple of these handpressed ones. Stunning quality and you can win one of those 500 parts graffiti puzzle.

Simply click the link, do the puzzle faster than me and share the result or this post with the hashtag #puzzlesbydino.

Now I swear the attempt you see on screen is my very first one ever and I figured I have a slight advantage anyways, because it is my artwork, but I still think the time is beatable. 😎

I just love the fact, that I can spread joy to people and offer them an opportunity to do a mentally healthy activity. Even if it is just on a screen, puzzling still has a lot of benefits that will improve your mental state. πŸ’š

Concentration, focus, dedication, patience.
I hope you have some fun. Let the puzzle begin!

day 1096

one board a day - day 1096 - I like the placement of this eins piece. clean and simple. 

day 77

one ai a day - day 77 - Rooftop skating! This one here is from the spidey project, even tho there is no spidey to be found. 

day 1095

 one board a day - day 1095 - an ai "orange hunter" with my newest handstyle in red. 😎 

day 76

one ai a day - day 76 - Giant tree 1.0 project. In this one you can see very well the influence of my green "dino" graffiti.

handstyle abc

New latenight handstyle. ✍️ Now it is 3 am already.😫

day 1094

one board a day - day 1094 - EINS with some white letters. πŸ‘€

day 75

one ai a day - day 75 - project "hollow x insta" 😎 Love it. Its a smooth mix between photo and painting. 


Just finished the new "eins level 2" piece by adding the final touches and making a quick background. Have a great sunday! πŸ’š

new paintover

could be WΓ–RS. ✍️

day 1093

one board a day - day 1093 - I tried out something new today. I will post it right after that one. This board is a zoomed in and colour corrected version of what I did so far this evening. It turned out amazing and I really love todays board!

day 74

one ai a day - day 74 - another one from the hollow project. πŸ‘€

day 1092

one board a day - day 1092 - Project hollow. Full ai and it fits so perfectly. πŸ‘€

day 73

one ai a day - day 73 - You guys really seem to like the hollow project. So here is another one! Then you also have to check out todays board.

day 1091

one board a day - day 1091 - Yesterday I finished the cover for my "all projects ai book" I called it overview. Makes for a good board too. πŸ™ƒ

day 72

one ai a day - day 72 - an abstract tooday! 😁

day 1090

one board a day - day 1090 - today I really had now energy for this. But I did it. It is black and white. almost like a zebra. πŸ₯±

day 71

one ai a day - day 71 - project hollow! πŸ’€

It is here

 130 pages of pure handmade art. Graffiti, Handstyles, Boards , sketches, morphs and more... ✍️

Created over years and compiled over months I can proudly present nothing less than the best I have created so far.

After it was done I went over it a second time and added handmade notes, explanations and mindful tipps.

And I hope everyone who gets it will enjoy it as much as I do.

Grab your copy right here

and check out the video! I have nothing to hide. The quality is insane. 😎

personal orders anytime.πŸ€™ 

day 1089

 one board a day - day 1089 - Awesome concept. KARMA and "dinosaur" 😎 

day 70

one ai a day - day 70 - love this one from the old "samurai final" project. 

day 1088

one board a day - day 1088 - The lower case alphabet on a board! 

day 69

one ai a day - day 69 - the very weird and divers "herbalist" project.  


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(sound on πŸ”Š)

I just finished 1,5 years of AI work. 145 projects. 23.006 images. 1612 folders, over 100.000 files in total and 345 gb in size. 

In this video I will talk you through the last minutes of this massive journey as well as creating the last Project overview thumbnail with you and also counting all images at the end for the first time ever. 

Let me talk you to the last minutes of 1,5 years of work. I spent minimum 2 to 3 hours daily on mastering the ai, organizing and saving what we had created. And I learned everyone can make great images, but to perfect your true own vision, it takes alot of dedication and practice. You have to know what the ai can do for you and your art and you have to understand it to create something truly unique.  I mix the ai (midjourney) with my handmade graffiti to create unique and never befor seen images. Mostly for me and everyone who wants. Photobooks are next to fill my  shelf. 

Thanks to everyone who was a part of that journey and helped me finding so much joy in what I do, by enjoying it with me. πŸ’š

day 1087

one ai a day - day 68 - Tiny birds 5.0 project. 

day 68

one ai a day - day 68 - Tiny birds 5.0 project. 

day 1086

one board a day - an ai image from the "pencil in city" project and a handstyle. Nothing major today, because I am celebrating. 😁

day 67

one ai a day - day 67 - DONE DONE DONE!! Today I finished 1,5 years of ai work. All thats left is making the project image overview. It feels so good now that it is done. This one here is from the "gokubird" project. 

day 1085

one board a day - day 1085 -  Did this in my workbreak already. A new Γ–rlyburd tag idea I had. Didnt work out as planned, but I still like it. 

day 66

 one ai a day - day 66 - another "rhinosaurs in hawaii" 

day 1084

one board a day - day 1084 - a simple and purple be happy board. πŸ™‚

day 65

one ai a day - day 65 - the pretty old, but amazingly weird "instagoku" project.

day 1083

one board a day - day 1083 - An awesome alphabet concept, that I somehow messed up. I forgot to make some effect layers on the abc visible again. 

I really felt the black and yellow vibe today. A warp in the top and the outlines in white below make for a great bord design. 

day 64

one ai a day - day 64 - the new new new tiny birds 5.0 projects. One of the very last I have to upscale. But it is one of my biggest ones with 1349 images. πŸ˜† Very divers and amazing images, but this is gonna be one last hell of a push and will probably take me 2 days. but soon... sooon. 😁


New ABC. 1 vanishing point, 4 types of shadows and 2 highlights. no fancy effects, just efficient practice.✍️ No point in wasting hours on polish, when I am not where I want to be yet. 

 Wich version is your favourite? πŸ‘€

day 1082

one board a day - day 1082. A quick lettered board "be free/mindful". I am so close to finishing 1,5 years of ai art. So quite busy, but beyond excited.

day 63

 one ai a day - day 63 - this "op lizard" one is so weird and so amazing! 

day 1081

one board a day - day 1081 - I am working on a fresh new alphabet. Here is a teaser. I couldnt quite finish it, so hopefully tomorrow. 😎✍️

day 62

 one ai a day - day 62 - A crazy new project called "shaolin monk" that I am just upscaling. 

day 1080

one board a day - day 1080. This board is also from my new "op lizard" project. I added some handstyles and some quick effects.

"Stay focused", "be aware of the breath" and "stay calm" ✍️

day 61

one ai a day - day 61 - "op lizard" project. I made good progress today organizing and upscaling the last projects. So 1,5 years of  work slowly coming to an end. πŸ™‚

day 1079

one board a day - day 1079 - I have made a whatsapp group for my art. Come join if you like! 

There is lots and lots planned for the future, but as always, keep it chilled and see how it evolves. And I make a design for business cards right now, so I used what I had for todays board. 😁

day 60

one ai a day - day 60 - This one started the "one piece masterpieces" project. πŸ‘€

day 1078

one board a day - day 1078 -  These full ai boards from my "orange hunter" projects were the bestsellers in april. Sometimes the exact opposite happens of what you expected. Its important how you move on from there. πŸ€”

day 59

one ai a day - day 59 - my new "911" project. In this one I love  the cartoonish looking clouds/dust.

day 1077

 day 1077. A mashup of old and new stuff. πŸ‘€ 

day 58

one ai a day - day 58 - Here is a very new project I just finished organizing today. "Flowers". I cross a beautiful bouquet of flowers with all sorts of stuff. Birds and guns mostly in this first version of the project. 

day 1076

day 1076. Today a dark version with the new EINS piece from yesterday. 😁✍️

day 57

one ai a day - day 57 - cute puppy! 

day 1075

day 1075. YES! I made my first completely new piece in like 1,5 years! "EINS"  

Since I was so busy doing ai and background work for my book I didnt really had time and inspiration to create something to be proud of. 

This "eins" piece felt really good to do and I love it. It had the same creative energy I had before I loaded so much on my mind. Even discovered some new techniques for a dope fill in. 

And yeah since I am 99% done with all the ai and background work, I felt very inspired to create this. Took one day and OF COURSE I made the daily board from what I had. 

day 56

one ai a day - day 56 - from the "hollow" project.πŸ’€

day 1074

day 1074. A new herdmember concept. Now I just have to make it good at some point. πŸ˜…

day 55

one ai a day - day 55 -  "op lush grass bg" project. Crazy weird, just how I like it!

day 1073

day 1073. UNBEST'NDIGKEIT - impermanence. I tried a weird colourscheme and added some quick highlights and schadows to the piece. 

day 54

one ai a day - day 54 - "lex woman" project. that project is very divers, but basicalley portraits of females. This one is very anime like with a great vibrant colour schemes and details. 

HErbalist preview

A ten image preview of the new "herbalist" project. Check out what the ai and me could came up with. All of these use the same exact prompt. I mix them with my handmade graffiti for a unique outcome. I never use any artist names or other prompt helpers. I am as passionate about the ai as I am with my handmade art. The results are exteremely appealing to me personally, and thats why I love doing it. And if one of you enjoy aswell, then thats a win win. 

It was very hard to only pick 10, but wich one is your favourite? I couldn't tell since they are all so different.

day 1072

day 1072. The "eins" on the left is completely new. But I don't really like it, but the crack effects are pretty good. 

day 53

one ai a day - day 53 - one from the "batman 3.0" project. This one turned out so great. 

day 1071

one ai a day - day 52 - hulk throne project. πŸ’ͺ

day 52

one ai a day - day 52 - hulk throne project. πŸ’ͺ

day 1070

day 1070. This one is great. I wanted to do a blue board. and I added one of my abstract morphs I made out of a graffiti. All handmade, even thos the background is ai. But it could've been any background really, wouldve not made a difference. 

day 51

one ai a day - project "hollow 2.0". I am super super close to finish one year of ai upscaling and organizing. I am just on the last couple projects. I will feel great relief once thats done. 😌

day 1069

day 1069. Man I love this image so much. It is my favourite from the "gokumad" project. I put a handstyle in the background and 2 tags in the bottom. Nothing special but with a powerful effect. 

day 50

one ai a day - day 50 - "gokumad" project

day 1068

day 1068. Today one of the ai-trains with the ugliest "backside" tag I could find. πŸ˜‰

day 49

one ai a day - day 49 -  project "hollow 2.0"

day 1067

day 1067 - I made a "you got this" throwup. The goal was quick and pink and as vibrant saturated as possible. 😁

day 48

one ai a day - day 48 - hunters notes project. πŸ‘€

day 1066

day 1066. Today I have been working on the crack effects of the new "could B wΓΆrs" board aswell as doing some highlights already. I am not sure if I leave the cracks like that or change them somehow.  Proper shadows and some blocks are still missing. 

day 47

one ai a day - day 47 - I started the "gokupals" book. Here is one of them. 

day 54

one letter a day - day 54 - Could B wΓΆrs on the same page as day 53. This is the last day of this letter challenge. Was great I learned alot and could refine my style abit. 

day 1065

day 1065. Dope letter board with orange outlines in the middle!

day 46

one ai a day - day 46 - another favourite from my "naruto/elsa-mix" project.

day 53

 one letter a day - day 53 - I spent so much time doing the board today, that I really just made one letter today. But one letter is better than none. 😁✍️ 

day 1064

one ai a day - day 45 - a very old "cyber alley" image.

day 45

one ai a day - day 45 - a very old "cyber alley" image.

day 52

one letter a day - day 52 - ersma essen, nein danke,n,E ✍️

day 1063

day 1063. "D" - noin1

day 44

one ai a day - day 44 - Fruit soldier 😎

day 51

 one letter a day - day 51 - MONK,adrian ✍️ 

day 1062

 day 1062. My "wΓΆrse" piece in orange. 

day 43

one ai a day - day 43 - beautiful garden!

day 50

 one letter a day - day 50 - RhnsR, fifty, days ✍️ 

day 1061

one ai a day - day 42 - a skeleton from project "hollow 2.0" I love the weirdness. 

day 42

one ai a day - day 42 - a skeleton from project "hollow 2.0" I love the weirdness. 


I feel a great relief , because I finally finished all the parts for my artbook "SOME LETTERS"! The last two days I have been working on the cover. It  turned out far better than I could've ever imagined. At the end everything came together so nicely. I have learned alot and now I am super excited to hold the book in hands soon. 

120+ pages of pure handmade graffiti and handstyles. I have poured my heart and sould into it. So next step is compiling it and order the first test. 

Picking the colour for the cover was very hard, but I already have an "extended" version in mind with 200 pages and this will be black then for sure. 😎

day 49

one letter a day - day 49 - t ... I had friends over for a visit and we discussed the writing style of the lower case t as we learned in school. 

So there is my letter for today. πŸ˜…

day 1060

day 1060. I finished my logo for my artbook today. Looks like the title is gonna be "some letters" . And I made a black and white board from it. I like it alot! 

day 41

one ai a day - day 41 - the older "female samurai" project. 

day 48

one letter a day - day 48 -  trust the process,U,R,Z,K ✍️

day 1059

 day 1059. I am busy, so just a weird bear from the griptapes project. 

day 40

one ai a day - day 40 


I am working on my artbook and I love making these notes. They are a really good practice for spiritual growth for me while making them and they will also maybe help the one or the other to find more peace and happiness in life. 

I am like soooo close to finish the book after such a long time it is great to see it all come together.  So stay tuned for more very soon! is the best place to stay uo to date. I have alot of daily challenges and inspiration for you and moe over there. 

"true, because ultimately we all want to free ourselfs and others from suffering. Life will fundamentally always include suffering more or less noticeable. - especially if you attach too much to the ever changing(,never certain) and never constant outside world like you do when you wish to life forever. 

-rateher our wish should be, that all beings become happy, so suffering end for all of us."

And yes, me german freestyled that. Probably thanks to this beautiful sunday! Enjoy yourself and thanks for your time. 

day 47

one letter a day - day 47 - SAUR, HIGH ON dopamine ✍️

day 1058

day 1058. PINK! 

day 39

one ai a day - day 39 - one of the best from the "naruto elsa mix" project.

day 46

 one letter a day - day 46 - just some brainstorming today. I forgot my book at work again and of course I had it done already. 

day 1057

day 1057. I was morphing with the warptool and had this cool blue fading effect. So I made today's board with it. 

day 38

one ai a day - day 38 - "gokumad" project. This ones green "skin" turned out awesome.

day 45

one letter a day - day 45 -  I like todays one. ✍️

day 1056

day 1056. A new "could B wΓΆrs" handstyle. Just a quick concept. 

day 37

one ai a day - day 37 - One of the "rhinosaurs in hawaii" project. 

day 44

one letter a day - day 44 - impermanence ✍️

day 1055

day 1055. An ârlyburd board, even before work. 🀯

day 36

one ai a day - day 36 - The best from my "tribegirl jungle" project. πŸ‘€

day 43

 one letter a day - day 43 - some decent practice, but nothing really inspiring the last days. 

day 1054

day 1054. A full ai board from my "orange hunter" project. I morphed it slightly to fit the shape of the board. 

day 35

one ai a day - day 35 - here from my "mayan rhinos project" I love this one.

day 42

 one leter a day - day 42 - only p today. πŸ˜€ 

day 1053

day 1053. A simple dark board with a " auch dies geht vorbei" handstyle ✍️

day 34

one ai a day - day 34 - One from my "naruto/elsa mix" project

day 41

one letter a day - day 41 -  zucker ist GIFT (more a note to myself) , SUGAR, NEUNEINS,P,W,R,L,M  ✍️

day 1052

day 1052. A red karma board with an morphed abstract background. 

day 33

one ai a day - day 33 -  one from the "op masterpieces" project. πŸ‘€

day 40

one letter a day - day 40 - akira, GOKU, aKiRa, πŸ’š

day 1051

day 1051. Could be wΓΆrs! I morphed the piece from yesteradays board. Have not morphed in a while, but it feels good! 

day 32

one ai a day - day 32 - My very old and very first "giant tree project" 

day 39

one letter a day - day 39 - yo:torus one, KRAFT, RHNSR ✍️

day 1050

day 1050. Today I put some more effort into it and made a simple (but new!) wΓΆrse piece, from the outlines I took from one of my sketches.  I added a fillin,shadows, highlights, made a new handstyle and some of these strings. ✍️

day 31

one ai a day - day 31 

day 38

 one letter a day - day 38 - koma, komatΓΆs ,RhnsR ✍️ not really happy with  these, but every practice is good practice. 

day 1049

day 1049. PINK

day 30

one ai a day - day 30 - One of my favourites from my "mayan rhinos" project

day 37

 one letter a day - day 37 - To honor a national, traditional, german dish called dΓΆner. 

DΓΆner macht schΓΆner!

day 1048

day 1048. Working on some new ai abstracts and when I saw this, I knew I will create a handmade graffiti in a similar style at some point. 😎

day 29

one ai a day - day 29 - This is what gives me alot of joy looking at. My "hunters notes" project. A very expansive one, but basicalley urban type like anime girls mixed with lizards and birds. So depending on what sources are used it is sometimes more lizard, more human or more bird. Mostly something amazingly weird in between. My graffiti mixed in to give it this unique colourful look. 

day 36

one letter a day - day 36 - NEUNEINS,TNBT,TMNT,MUTAT. Richie, ea,e,B ✍️ had a friend over today and we generated some turtles ai images and had a good laugh. 

day 1047

day 1047. Finished digitalizing my newest alphabet so I made a yellorange board with it and just pure letters. I had a version with grey in it, but my pc crashed, so probably a new one tomorrow. Feels good to have something new to put on the board. ✍️

day 28

one ai a day - day 28 - I love the weirdness of these. πŸ™ƒ

new abc to digital

lower case alphabet from sketch to digital. I just made a photo with my crappy phone and edited on pc to just get the outlines. I added hightlights, shadows and dropshadows. also some drips here and there. Now the base is done and I could ecpand on that. Nextime I maybe add some colour. ✍️

new abc

 my newest lowe case abc. Only outlines, cause I am taking it digital. I try to prepare a first version for tomorrow.

Letters I really, really like: m,r.

and for once I am happy with my: f,g,l,q,v,w

#blackbook #graffiti #abc #alphabet #graffitialphabet #lettering #handstyle #sketchbook 

Samples arrived

I had to try out some temporary tattoos with my favourite handstyle. "stay calm, be aware of the breath, tame your monkey mind. And the fact that they are temporary, reminds me of the impermanence of all things. But maybe I get it for real someday. 

It looks very wrinkly on the photo but itactually looks amazing. 

These where just quality test, they can have any size I want. 😏

day 35

one letter a day -  day 35 - mule, sticke, R . Spacingskills basicalley zero. 

And I got my stickers today. 😬

day 1046

day 1046 - Working on this porsche 911 ai images for a friend. Made good progress today, trying to find something unique and polished.  And because I am hungry, I used it for todays board. Probably the first ever porsche skateboardπŸ˜†

day 27

one ai a day - day 27 - I finally adjusted my mockup to a 2:3 format. I had to redo all the shadows and the challenge was to fit it to the others. I am happy with it and todays image is "batman holding a watermelon" Mixed and created from my graffiti, the "holding a watermelon" really gave an amazing polish in the endresult compared to just describing "batman"

day 34

one letter a day - day 34 - Today really just some brainstorming. I made this "n" on accident and saw alot of other letters in it. Time to explore further. ✍️ Oh and in the background you see the new alphabet I am working on the last days.  πŸ˜‰

day 1045

 day 1045. Just another one from my "priptapes" project. There is alot of room for letters. 😁✍️ 

day 26

one ai a day - day 26 - My very first landscape project from back then. "Samurai final" Here is one of the favourites.


 Still working on my letter artbook and I just did an "alltime favourite" freestyle while annotating the pages.  So here is another preview. ✍️ 

day 33

one letter a day - day 33 - peach, neuneins, fortune ✍️ 

day 1044

day 1044. New ai project "plant disection sketch" mixed with my graffiti. Here I used one of them as a background and added my "be happy instead" twice. 

day 25

one ai a day - day 25 - A new project. "plant discetion sketch" mixed with my graffiti. This one here turned out nothing like the others. 

day 32

one letter a day - day 32 - thirty twoπŸ‘€, NEUN, EI, NS ✍️

day 1043

day 1043. Kurz chillen is crucial. 🫑

day 24

one ai a day - day 24 - The very old "pile of ghosts project". Finally upscaled and ready to go.  I almost forgot I had this. So haunting. πŸ‘€

day 31

one letter a day - day 31 - dedication. Good progress today. 

day 1042

day 1042. Here is the other teaser I talked about earlier. A very promising new ai projects, where I basicalley mix birds with shaolin monks.  Calling the project "beak boys" feels like a dissgrace. πŸ˜…

This image I expanded to fit the board and even tho I wanted to keep it full ai, I have placed a throwup. Can you spot it? πŸ˜‹

day 23

one ai a day - day 23 - Here is a new project I started. I used my recent results from my "tiny birds 5.0" and described a shaolin monk.This is just a small impression but the project is promising and has a lot of crazy variety, depending on what sources are used. 

Check out my board later, for another teaser. πŸ‘€  

day 30

one letter a day - day 30 - vernetzt (as in  "intercon[n]ected). ✍️

day 1041

day 1041. Thats a weird one. Ideally I want to add something on the left of my own, but I still work on these images.  It's like "herbalist 420 and graffiti" too hard to explain what this is supposed to be, but I love it. 

day 22

one ai a day - day 22 - "orange hunter" project.

day 29

one letter a day - day 29 - mindfulness , is key, QR,CODE .  ✍️ Today really felt like progress. πŸ’ͺ I really like the "ul". 

day 1040

day 1040. SUARUS in red with white outlines and a small drop shadow. 

day 21

one ai a day - day 21  - a lovely mountain scenery. 

day 28

one letter a day - day 28. zock, NEUNER9er.

Also here is day 26. The one I could'nt show you because I forgot the book at work.  ✍️

day 1039

day 1039. I liked the concept from yesterday, so I made a slightly different one in orange.

day 20

one ai a day -  day 20 - The suuuuper weird ones. πŸ˜†

day 27

one letter a day - day 27 - I finished this "citizen" sketch yesterday, so theoreticalley only the "F" counts for today. πŸ˜…

day 1038

day 1038. New sketch "citizen" ✍️

day 19

one ai a day - day 19 - Here is a food mockup, that I mixed with my graffiti. It is the "lexfood" project.

day 26

one letter a day - day 26 - I did an awesome "twenty six" for today, but I forgot the book at work. πŸ˜… So here is a placeholder. Tomorrow I will do a blackbook piece then instead and on monday I show you the letters from today. 

day 1037

day 1037. A red "eins" with a new "backside neuneins 91" handstyle. ✍️

day 18

one ai a day - day 18 - "Hollow 4.0" project. Embrace the weirdness!

day 25

one letter a day -  day 25 (over)dose, @Dosage

I tried the "over" like 3 times, couldn't do it. but yeah still good practice. ✍️

day 1036

day 1036. A "neuneins" concept. 

day 17

one ai a day - day 17 - Here is Norman the butterfly πŸ¦‹

day 24

one letter a day - day 24 - durst, THIRST, AWS, S 

Thirst in this case means the thirst for happiness. The thirst for making it better than it currently is and the unhappiness with the current state. Thirst is the craving for the things we like. 

And no matter how good it is, thirst will always mean suffering. In that moment when you don't have what you desire. 

Look inside and realise, that the happiness you are looking for is already there. We simply forgot what happiness really is. πŸ’š

day 1035

day 1035. "impermanence"  Today I invested the time to cut out one of my "mayan rhinos". Thats the stuff I want to do. I am super close to finish organizing everything and I feel the hype for art and boards coming back. 

The plan always was to use the ai and do more stuff with it than just the pictures. But therefore I gotta have the images ready first. 

And the boards look so much better when it is cut out. Much more things you can do with it and make out if it. 

For me personally, this one gotta be top ten of all time. 🀩

day 16

one ai a day - day 16 - the "papertown 3.0" project 😎

This is peak!

New AI project. "Tiny Birds 5.0" This is far beyond everything the ai and me have created so far and I am so excited, that I made a whole showcase. 

Normally I keep it slow currently with creating new stuff, since I am still busy with organizing my old ai, but this one is too good to not flip out about. πŸ˜† 

On the left you can see the standard midjourney, with none of my art as artistic influence. Then I picked out some of the source pictures I have used to create the final products. Personally I can't imagine an image can give me more joy looking at it than these. 100%my taste.

It is an extremely potent project. Means, once I have done the groundwork, I can just click "reroll" and get mostly good images. 

I do have a "one piece" related project, that is equally amazing, so stay tuned for that. 

Otherwise the presentation is pretty straight forward. I included some info text and the prompt I used.  

I hope you enjoy. πŸ’š

Now I will hit the reroll button probably way too often, but I cant help it. Gotta have them ALL! 😎🀩

day 23

one letter a day - day 23 - neun eins, NEUN1, KARMA, B,Y ✍️

day 1034

day 1034. I have an insane new ai project and I made a showcase for it. Then after that was done I made a board from it. πŸ˜† Nothing special, because I have been creative enough already today. πŸ˜‹

day 15

one ai a day - day 15 -  "KNIGHT 3.0" project. πŸ‘€

day 22

one letter a day - day 22 - rhino, M and some ok-ish others✍️

day 1033

day 1033. "immortality is a fools dream" and one of my "hollow" ai images. The effect that sells it the most is the shaadow on the letters from his arm. πŸ‘€

day 14

one ai a day - day 14 - another one from my hollow project. πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

day 21

one letter a day - day 21 - thankfullness. Yes  I know it is only one "L" but you can never have enough double letter practice. Everyone knows these are the worst. πŸ˜† It turned out pretty good, I like it alot.

day 1032

day 1032. I had this idea, so I made this quick concept. πŸ‘€

day 13

one ai a day - day 13 - "Hulk throne" project.  Here is one of them. That project in particular turned out to be incredibly divers and I can't wait to show you the other 346 😁 

day 20

one letter a day - day 20 - water,earth,fire,air.

Guess what I started watching on netflix today. πŸ˜‚

day 1031

day 1031. I placed the ai character so, that his face is not there. So it becomes an awesome  abstract, that looks faamiliar to the brain, but you can't quite tell what it is. It is an arm and half the head you are looking at. 

day 12

one ai a day -  day 12 - I organized my "creative corruption" project today. Basicalley beach gorls mixed with various abstracts. They are a year old, but still awesome. 

day 19

one letter a day - day 19 - TKKG, d,D,7,i,z,M and a magnifying glas 😁

day 1030

 day 1030. An eagle from my "hunter x hollow" ai project, with some letters for accents. Lets go! 

day 11

one ai a day - day 11 - This project I called "one piece masterpieces" , because thats what they are. The project is incredibly divers, even tho I used the same prompt on all of them. Only the source images (my graffiti) I changed around to create hundreds of amazing and unique images. Can't wait to have the book in hands! 

Now normally this one has an aspect ratio from 2:3, but I have not done the mockup for it. So I cropped it a bit. 

And what are the chances, that the ai spells "AI" on his cheeks? Must be pretty slim, because they were created, before the ai knew what words are.  That makes me love it even more! 


I am back home, and first of all I want to thank everyone who visits this website regularly. You are the reason I do this. I never asked for it, so you being here means alot to me. I want to inspire and spread joy and this website is the best place to be who I am with no restrictions or guidance. So if you up for my truly best, just you wait until I finished all my background work! 

And here are the boards, the letters and the ai images from the last days. Theres some good stuff among it, I hope you enjoy.