my collector cards

"Rather 100 in a binder than 1 on the wall". 

If you like this idea, then this is for you! 
For me it's a passion project come to live and a dream come true. I am happy over anyone who joins this journey with me and increibly thankful that you guys made this even possible. 

Enjoy my art on a card on top notch quality material, for a brilliant appearance in a handy trading card format.
And owning them will grant you special advantages and bonuses that you dont want to miss out on. They are closely tied to our puzzles, so keep your eyes pealed.

Purchaseing a card is like tipping me a cup of coffee and you even got free shipping worldwide

Volume 0.

Volume 0.

These are the rarest of them all. These cards brought me to the final layout and helped me decide wich coating I should use. So these prototypes will not get any reprints. Limited to 250.
Check them out in detail below or go over to etsy.

Free shipping worldwide and some small surprises await you. 

Coming soon!