YES YES YES! My puzzle partners surprisingly sent me the first samples. 500 and 1000 pieces.  All designed by me and the box turned out so good. Only minor adjustments I will do for the end product.

They turned out incredible! 🀩

DAY 692

day 692. I just started a big one! Today I did the very first sketch."true and unconditional happiness"

I will prpbably repeat this around 4 times, refining the letters each time. 

And I want to document the process in form of boards. Could be a cool collection later down the line. 

And the guide to true happiness is also already on it. πŸ€—πŸ’š

New phone cases 

2 new Phone cases. :) A part of an AI picture as a background and my " be creative handstyle" in bold white. 

And I am still sitting here with my samsung s7 and cant have any of these. πŸ˜₯πŸ˜…

Check them out!

first steps in v5 

v5 looks interesting. πŸ‘€

Can't wait to actually try it out. I am still so busy with organizing the pictures I did 2 months ago, but I just had that itch. So I just a favourite project of mine and the results were quite cool. Not sure if I like the details v5 produces, but yeah I can't tell yet. 

day 691 

day 691. Here is a really cool concept. Midjourney released v5 and I tried it out abit. Cool is that you can freely pick your apect ratio. So I took one of my projects and tried it in v5. Fits perfectly on the board. πŸ™‚

day 690 

day 690. Something quick. Made great progress on organizing my AI.πŸ™‚

Ready for 2024? 

It's here and it is beautiful. Now I can confidently say that these are amazing🀩 Are you ready for 2024? 😏

Introducing the must-have calendar of 2024 - featuring stunning AI art created from handmade graffiti! Each month, you'll be blown away by the intricate and mesmerizing designs that will keep you inspired and organized all year long.

This calendar isn't just a tool to keep track of your schedule, it's a work of art that will add a touch of creativity to your everyday life. Whether you're an art lover, a graffiti enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, this calendar is perfect for you.

With 12 high-quality prints, you can experience the beauty of this AI art in all its glory. Hang it in your home, office, or give it as a gift to a friend or loved one who appreciates the beauty of art.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this breathtaking art - order your calendar today and experience the magic of handmade graffiti transformed into AI art. 2024 could be here tomorrow you never know. So you better be prepared. 😁

Chat gpt helped me a bit on the text. What do you say? πŸ™‚

You can order personally by sending me a message or directly on etsy.

Personalisation possible. ✌️

day 689

day 689. Quick one cause busy. "700 soon" 😁

The rest of them


Here is (some of) the rest of the creative corrupted mayans with a new source.πŸ™ƒ

The main source is a handmade graffiti I did (4). On some I switched out the second source (1)(5).

Hope you enjoy as much as I do.😁

Just as a bird sings its most beautiful song when it loves the act of singing, we can only create truly great work when we love what we do.

day 688

day 688. AI supported concept with my "mortal shell" font. Something worth refining later. 

New letters

I think thats my first ever lower case alphabet. Done at work, so there is no polish. Pure, simple efficient letter practice.  I go for simple but perfect, rather than style without experience. If I went more wild and complicated, yeah maybe some letters would look better, but they would not fit to each other that well.  And the style will evolve naturally. Just takes a bit longer. 

the "m, r and s" are my favourites. Overall this has made me progress alot in terms of letter consistency and using the same style throughout all letters. 

Remember: Perfection is impossible, progression, no matter how much or fast, will always get you ahead. 

And if you copy, you will always be behind. πŸ˜‰ Taking reference and create something of your own with that gained input/knowledge is what really makes you improve. 

And progress is effortless if you are passionate. 🀯

Nothing of what we do here really matters overall, so make sure you enjoy what you do, because thats all that matters. πŸ€—πŸ’š

NeW source

digital graffiti ---> AI characters. 

Used one of my handmade graffitis to create these AI characters.  

Full showcase tomorrow!

day 687

 day 687. Maximum saturation! Its funny that the graff on the black one looks bigger than on the green one. It's the exact same. 😁 

Some Specials


Did these 2 months ago and finally catched up organising and upscaled them. Realizing how good they turned out. 

Ran the same prompt  through it again, but it gave me quite different results, that arent nearly as good. Since midjourney changed and does things differently. 

That makes them even more special to me. 

day 686

day 686. Comission finished! πŸ₯³ We switched to pink accents instead of white and I made 5 boards from it. Next up I will do something with an AI scorpion, but that one needs abit more trying. 

I will probably use that one in the future again for more boards for fun. 😁

Thanks Bill  It was a pleasure bro as always.πŸ™

day 685

day 685. I gave my "troublemaker" some effects and used an AI abstract to gave it some spice. 😁 Now it's potatotime!

Here is how I did it


Hi. πŸ‘‹πŸ˜

Some people do wanted to see how I generated these eagle pictures.

So here you see how I create a new project from scratch.

Basicalley I start with one prompt and end up with more prompts.πŸ˜…

adding words I discovered before and combining them until I have something I am happy with. For me it is very important that all four generations are good, because I am not chasing the one good picture.

 I am looking for infinite variations that all are stunning each time. Since I am mixing these with my handmade graffiti, having a good and solid promptset is key. Because then it is just a matter of switching out the source to a different graffiti and create new stunning combinations consistently.

The 4 months intense practice and trying out is paying back slowly.

It allows me to create prompts I like more precise and faster.. just better, because due to the fact that I invested the time and learned what midjourney actually does with the words and what I like and expect it to do.

And sadly there is no cheap way around it. πŸ˜…

If you want to make your art the best it can be, you have to invest the time and effort. It will pay off trust me.

And putting in the time and effort becomes effortless if you are passionate and having fun.πŸ€—πŸ’š If you only think about success you will not last 2 weeks and it will be a crunch.

So only do what you love and if you are happy with how it is now, it can only get better. πŸ˜‰

Let me know if you have questions.

Oh btw. I attach some other eagle pictures I did the same way but different prompts and different source.

Hope you enjoy. πŸ€—πŸ’š 

day 684

day 684. Quick and green. 😁 My practice alphabet number 3.


2024 is coming😁 Finally tried out my first calendar. Will update you when it arrives, but I expect great quality.

day 683

day 683. Today I felt inspired to invest some more time into the boards. Made great progress on organizing my AI . I picked 3 of them and upscaled them. 

I made some new handstyles and used some old ones. 

" go with the flow and stay above"
"stay focused"
"your best is always good enough"

I cutted out the eagles, so I can place some letters in the background and did some color correction.

And I made the font darker at some spots to indicate the shadow of the wings, so that helps alot blending both elements (font and eagle) together. 


yay! 😊 I finished organizing my "eagle skull heads" I did around two months ago.   

I have learned alot since then and I can't wait to pick them back up when I am fully done organizing everything.  

 Turned out to be 154 and back then I was missing the knowledge for an consistent nice background, but therefore they are easy to cut out and make nice designs from them. 😁 

 I like them for what they are and here are some of my favourites.

Organized the birdheads!

yay! 😊 I finished organizing my "eagle skull heads" I did around two months ago.   

I have learned alot since then and I can't wait to pick them back up when I am fully done organizing everything.  

 Turned out to be 154 and back then I was missing the knowledge for an consistent nice background, but therefore they are easy to cut out and make nice designs from them. 😁 

 I like them for what they are and here are some of my favourites.


day 682

day 682. Today I made a "DMX" and "KMB" board. These are just photos of sketches I had around and it works surprisingly well. 

I am getting close to finish my organisation of my AI wich keeps me very busy the last two months. 

I am maybe 2 or 3 weeks away to catch up with all I have done. 17000 pictures generated total and hundreds of ideas. Was very worth it, because that gave me an indepth understanding and I can create some truly unique stuff. 

Most excited I am about my landscapes, since I made mad improvements once again yesterday. 😁

Stay tuned for the AI post later. 

day 681

day 681. Since finishing the "breithaupt" piece today, I made some quick but superdope boards from it. 

The piece turned out amazing and once approved I will do some proper board designs.

day 680

day 680. Finally home. Tried to make a special board, but I am really tired. πŸ˜… I used the two AI pictures I had upscaled for the grid presentation on and my morphed "eins" graffiti. 

All vacation boards

Here are all my boards I did while I was on vacation. Only posted them regularly on

I am back home


On the last day of vacation I visited friends and their daughter (11) suggested an "princess elsa and  naruto mix". I really loved the first outcome [1] and when I came home I dug deeper and this is what I found. 

I used the first result as new sources and mixed it with my handmade graffiti [2]. 

I tried out more than I can show, but I did my best to give you a good overview of the process.  

I took other projects and prompt sets, mixed it with the new results and added them to this pile of sources. [3] 

after some more tries, I am far from exploring it fully, but I am pretty happy with where we ended up. 

I attach my favourite of them. 

I wonder what other great combinations of characters are hiding outthere.  

Let's go on the hunt! 

If you like these, you have to check out the previous posts I did here in this group. 

See you on my website, for your daily inspiration.  or on 

Take care, stay creative and remember that "passion fuels perfection" so only do what you love. 

day 674

day 674. stay creative! 

Knights & eagles...+ Rhinos

Knights & Eagles... + Rhinos πŸ˜…

Started a new knight project. Took some tries to get the base prompt where I want it to be. I marked the ones that only use the prompt.

Once I had these, I mixed it with my graffiti and pictures from my collection. 

And yeah the Rhino knights 😍

And here is a challenge for you. Can you tell in wich two pictures I used a lion? πŸ‘€

Girl or Wizard?

day 673

day 673. I am still in the middle of organizing everything, but I started upscaling my more recent projects first. Here is one of the "cc mayan rhinos" 

Made the daily board out of it and added my "spread love" font with the most ugliest "S" I have ever done. No Idea why I have actually saved it like that, but now I keep it. πŸ˜†

I will be on vacation next week, so expect more of these simple boards and overall less frequent posting. 

day 672

day 672. Quick purple one. πŸ«£πŸ’œ

day 671

day 671. Quick one to keep the flow, before my food is done. I actually like it alot. 

Better poses

 I made some improvements on my latest project. I switched out the sources and tried to recreate the same style. The poses are a bit more interesting this time around.

Theres room for more! 

day 670

day 670. Some AI skulls with some new lettering. πŸ™‚

New letters

 day 669. Love todays board. The three black stripes are my sized up tag and it looks so good. 

And I have an corrupted yoda for you too. 😁 

Unrooted are available.

 day 669. Love todays board. The three black stripes are my sized up tag and it looks so good. 

And I have an corrupted yoda for you too. 😁 

day 669

 day 669. Love todays board. The three black stripes are my sized up tag and it looks so good. 

And I have an corrupted yoda for you too. 😁 

day 668

day 668. "Only hurt people hurt people"