Handmade graffiti art, LETTERS, print designs & AI

Here are an overview of some of my work.Hope you enjoy

Graffiti & designs


one board a day (coming soon)

photos & Paperwork 

Daily challenges

Below are my daily challenges. If you want to progress efficiently, do it daily. Thats what I learned. It is also very important, to set your goal low. For example I agreed to make one letter a day. So even if I have a bad day, one letter can be done in 30 seconds. The outcome is not a priority. The consistency and dedication is what will allow you to carry over your progress from last day into the next day and keeps your creative momentum going. 

So if your goal is too high, like "2 hrs lettering a day", then you will end up on netflix, trust me... So if you set yourself an easy goal, it tricks your brain and it is way easier to keep going, because you already reached your goal. So you end up doing 3 or four letters and more often than not I end up spending an hour on lettering. And we learn best, when we have fun and are passionate. 

So if you want to improve the most efficient way , pick something you love doing and do it daily.

Passion makes progress effortless.