New elephant-graffiti-mix 


I am exploring v5 and want to share a prompt I just did.  After being happy with the prompt I used my handmade graffiti as sources and created the final pictures.  Thanks to Josh for providing the idea.

Full Prompt:  

"low angle RAW Photo of An intricately vibrant detailed colourful pastel pencil drawing of a majestic elephant in action pose , stoically making its way through a bustling city street, cars and pedestrians hurrying around it in a flurry of activity. The artist's skilled shading brings out the gentle intelligence in the elephant's eyes, capturing its quiet dignity amidst the chaos of the city. The use of a desaturated muted palette creates a sense of nostalgia and timelessness, emphasizing the elephant's unique presence in an urban setting. there are coloursplahes all around --ar 2:3 --v 5"

The second one is by far my favourite.