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I will also include one or two random cards into every order, so buying them here is more of tipping me a cup of coffee. If you are like me you will also get here the last ones you need to complete the collection.  It will greatly help me to be more independant, so I can do more awesome stuff for you guys. 

With your very first card you enter a world full of positivity, kindness and helpfulness. 

So let's have fun collecting!

about the cards

Now this is very important. Some are easier to get than others but all will grant you specific bonuses and advantages within the herd and the shop. They will be your entry to special and personalized products and art that you can only get with these cards, high discountevents in the shop or they let you parttake in special giveaways. 

No matter what, the collection is ever expanding and I have enough ideas for decades. Overall these cards are an appreciation to my fans and herdmembers. I always try to give more than I take and try to spread love and kindness everywhere. And I am a big card collector fan myself so this is more a passion project comes to life and a dream comes true. Thanks from the bottom of my art to everyone enjoying that journey with me and has supported me in any kind of way. 

I will usually send them out in every package I ship personally and you are be able to buy them aswell. But if you hit me up, I will just send you some. Why? Because I always loved collecting cardgames as a child and I just like the idea having all my art in a binder than just one piece on the wall. And yeah my dream is that people start collecting these just like yugioh or pokemon cards. And by holding this card you are officially a rhinosaur.cards collector. And as always, no matter if if you spent time or money with the herd, I will make sure you will get it more than worth. 

So welcome to the herd and I see you on social media and on www.rhinosaurarts.com 

Rather 100 in a binder, than 1 on the wall

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If you like that idea, than these are for you. Join me on than journey to collect them all! I have always been a big fan of collecting cards, so it's a passion project and a dream come true! 

Product Details

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250 in existance. When they are gone they are gone. And since these are still prototypes, these will be the rarest ones. 

A collectable Trading card, that features my artwork and owning it will have big bonuses for you. Like special discounts in the shop or they are an entry to special events and giveaways.